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Respected sir/madam,
It is said over and over, report the abuse, My daughter did just that. Her ex beat on her several times, in front of their three sons. The police department which now both the police dept. and sheriff\\\\s dept. handle in the city issues, if it is pass business\\\\ hours for the police dept. because we all know that abuse happens between 9-5 Mon -Fri..right? the sheriff\\\\s dept, didn\\\\t do anything but take the report, in the process allowed the abuse to come into the home, once he was removed by court order and get his personal items at the same time, yelling at my daughter in from of two deputies, I witnessed this myself. They also allowed him to step forward towards my daughter in a very aggressive manner, ( they of course claimed they had no idea he had battery charges against him, the police department never gave this information to them) yet, I questioned several times while they were there with him why this was being allowed to take place, I was told to \\\"shut up\\\" or I was going to go to jail for interfering. At the same time my ex son in law had a warrant out for his arrest and the sheriff\\\\s dept. actually followed him driving, was with him and never even looked up anything about him. They allowed him to have my grandsons in the vehicle! while driving with a warrant, knowing that the complaint let them know his biggest issue was also drinking and drugs. Amazing how child abuse is not at the top of every-one\\\\s list! Why do we wait for something serious to happen like broken bones, DEATH! it is happening everywhere, report after report, who is the law protecting? Not the children that can speak for their selves, but i believe this is a discrimination issue against woman, period! Men police have stereo typed single mothers against the father and this is the case here, it has nothing to do with protecting the victims, it\\\\s about men backing men in a small town community, which is sick! It is wrong! It\\\\s time that both the WILSON COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT AND THE FREDONIA POLICE DEPARTMENT GET IT TOGETHER AND START ACTING ON BEHALF OF THE VICTOMS NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!! AND START PROTECTING AND DOING THEIR JOBS THAT ARE PAID BY THE VICTOMS TAXES!!! By the way want pictures of proof of the abuse, ask the police department as they took pictures!!! Ask the police department if a seven year old boy wasn\\\\t question in the police station about the abuse against his mom and just how much he witnessed!!! ABUSE IS WRONG, PERIOD, IT MAY NOT GET THE ATTENTION IT NEEDS WHEN IT COMES BETWEEN TWO ADULTS BUT MY GOD! WHEN IT IS AGAINST A TWO YEAR CHILD, WAKE UP!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? WHERE IS THE PROTECTION FOR THE CHILD, I AM APPAULLED AT HOW THIS WHOLE MATTER EVEN THE COURTS DENINED PROTECTION FROM ABUSE, , THIS IS A HORRIBLE ACT OF INJUSTICE, , IT IS SICKENING TO KNOW OUT SYSTEM LACKS SO BADLY IN DEFENDING AMERICANS RIGHTS BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING A CHILD\\\\S RIGHT AND THE RIGHT FOR THE MOTHER TO PROTECT HER CHILDREN!!!
Post by Ronna Crosby
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