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A Total Rip Off
Respected sir/madam,
I\\\\m out over $6.000 and nothing to show for it. So many things wrong with this company I can\\\\t believe I wasted my time and money. Money I now need to try and better educate myself elsewhere. The mentor learning classroom what a joke. The instructor in the class knows nothing about what I was studying, when asked a question his answer was \\\"I don\\\\t know anything about what your taking you need to ask so and so and he\\\\s in Oklahoma or Fort Worth or in On Line Learning this week\\\". There are so many distractions allowed in the mentor learning classroom there is no way you can study your lessons at all. Morning class if on a Monday you can\\\\t hear your lesson on the computer because of the group talking about their partying from the weekend and the instructor does nothing to stop the disruption. A student is allowed to bring into class a bag from McDonalds and shove 4 or 5 pies into his face and we have to sit there and listen to him scarf them down while the instructor does nothing. Then after about an hour this student crashes from his pie high and falls asleep in class and starts snoring and the instructor does nothing but sit there and sip his tea or coffee. Why do they have a lunch room or break room if you can eat in class and make noise. My lessons wouldn\\\\t even come up on the computer or would just lock up in the middle of a lesson, same for the labs I was suppose to do and virtual machines wouldn\\\\t even load. Students using up the band width by checking their yahoo e-mail and replying to them for 3 hours instead of studying, or looking through the jewelry section of the on-line JCPenny\\\\s catalog, but I really think it could have been from the students watching music video\\\\s on you tube with the music so loud that I could hear it over my own headphones, and the instructors do nothing but sit there or run around the hall ways. When I was able to talk with an instructor I\\\\m told the certification exam I have to take covers more material than what they provided to me. In other words the material they gave me to learn was not good enough to be able to get my certifications. I needed to go to outside resources and spend more money in order to be able to pass the exams. DO NOT WAISTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY. Go to the book store and spend your money on the exam study books to pass the exams you\\\\ll be money ahead and more knowledgeable. When I was last there they were losing instructors, who knows if they were getting laid off, fired, or moving on to better pastures. When I wanted to talk with my counsler he wasn\\\\t on campus so I was told, job placement is a joke they talk about all these companies that hire students from them but when I gave my counsler my resume he didn\\\\t even know what to do with it. I was told he gave it to a co-worker to go over and they would get back with me, well 3 months later no one has called me concerning my resume.
Post by Lost Future
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