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Quibids has many horrible reviews
Respected sir/madam,
Quibids has many horrible reviews and I looked them up before I decided to use quibids myself but since they had a A- rating on the BBB website I just figured the reviews were just a bunch of ranting and raving. I regret not listening to the reviews now, let me tell you why...At first I thought this site was cool. It cost $60 to sign up and you got some bids to start out. I actually won two auctions right off the bat that made the sign up worth while and got me excited about the site but then it quickly became a money pit. They do have cool stuff like ipads and xbox and other tablet pcs and cameras etc. but the chances of you winning are slim. You have to really focus on the item you want and be willing to spend more money on bids to stay in the game. It seems like a good deal if you can get an ipad for like $40 but if you spent that whole time bidding you have to account for the bids you had to buy to stay in the game. The cheapest bid bundle costs $27 for a tiny 45 bids. It doesn\\\\t go a long way when you want to win one of the larger prizes. So once you add up how much you paid on the actual item, what you spent on bids and then they add on shipping you may not be getting as great a deal as you thought. The only thing I found easy to win was the smaller stuff that no one really wanted like coffee makers or lame jewelry or purses. They do get you all excited when they tack on extra bids to some of the items but its usually just 20 bids. They do have bid voucher auctions where you can bid to win more bids but its all a gamble you could waste the rest of your bids trying to win more bids...lame. I will admit sometimes you can get lucky but it really is a gamble. You never know when someone new is going to jump into the auction at the last minute and run the price up some more and you could sit there for hours bidding and waste a bunch of money and time for nothing. Also I ran into some problems with my purchases. First off I ordered a $27 bundle of bids that I paid for but never got credited to my account so I just apparently gave them $27 for nothing. I contacted their customer service it took them three days to email me back and they told me that I was mistaken and that I got my bids. I emailed them back about it because I indeed did not get those bids and they never contacted me back. After that they blocked my account for \\\"security reasons\\\" and I could not access my account to pay for the auctions that I won so I lost my opportunity to pay for them as well as the bids/money I spent on them. Yet again I just gave them money for nothing. I emailed them several times to get the issue resolved so I could pay for my items but they just kept sending me meaningless emails telling me to follow directions in the previous emails. I tried calling their customer service because I followed the directions and still did not hear anything back from them. No one ever answered the phone at customer service and I tried calling several times as well. I waited on hold for ages and tried to be patient but my issues remain unresolved to this day. Yes, maybe some lucky people do well on quibids but I really have not had much luck. I did win a few auctions, I won a couple handbags for less than a dollar whoo, but once I tallied up what I spent on the bids I had to purchase to win those two purses and the money I wasted losing a few other auctions I realized that I might as well have just gone to the mall and bought the purses at retail value. This sight really only tricks you into thinking you are getting a great deal most of the time. Like I said sometimes people get lucky and only have to put in a couple bids but its not likely. Its just like going to the casino and sticking a coin into the slot machine. Maybe you win, likely you won\\\\t.
Post by Howesh
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