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Scam Artist/Crazy Doctor
Respected sir/madam,
After speaking to a few former staff members, and 2.5 visits, it is clear this place is a disaster. The things I found out from various staff members throughout the last two years is downright disturbing. Dr. Ghohestani has no clue what he is doing, place is unsanitary and does not uphold patient privacy LAWS. They change their billing based on his crazy mood. Say they will bill insurance, then will try to charge you up front, saying they will refund you after insurance pays. Doctor is a complete psycho, vengeful, parinoid, and basically insane. (I am not a psychologist, but I\\\\m pretty sure he would refuse to see one) Trys to hard sell you on cosmetic procedures, because they are more profitable. Quotes one thing then tries to charge for another. Staff is friendly but clearly has no direction. Clearly confused and possibly scared of crazy doc. He makes up staff to avoid responsibility. I found out that if you are \\\"talking\\\" to the office via email, odds are you are talking to him though a fake name. Staff turn around is extremely high for a reason, I have heard things from several past employees that would disgust you. Run, just run away, there are plenty of reputable dermatologists near by. You are only 10 min away from Borne or SA\\\\s medical center. Read other reviews, this is no joke. He is rude, unhelpful, and only out to make a quick buck. Disregard this message and see for yourself, it will cost you, but think of it as a life lesson. ALSO- All these 5 star reviews are from him, he has 50 gmail accounts, send an email and see. He makes up lies to get other sites to pull reviews. Too bad Google, Yahoo, etc. doesn\\\\t check IP addresses and see that they are mostly from him.\r\n\r\nHe is completely crazy, has a SUPER high staff turnover for a reason!\r\n\r\nHe has not been doing cosmetic procedures for long, got into it to make a quick buck, and does a horrible job. Horrible! Don\\\\t be fooled by the bs great reviews, the scam artist is just trying to offset the bad reviews he had earlier on. All the good reviews only review him, and he is trying to use them for keywords to move his crappy website up on search engines.\r\n\r\nHORRIBLE!
Post by HonestAntonian
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