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Respected sir/madam,
STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCUM BACK COMPANY – OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES\r\ and now are not trustworthy, they are extreme liars and they’re infrared sauna that is supposedly HANDCRAFTED WORKMANSHIP is CHINESE MADE, OVERPRICED CRAP!\r\n\r\nAND after doing some research online I find that they blatantly lie about everything you can imagine… claiming they’ve been in business for 10-years… lol.. someone posted the truth on that – let’s try 4 years… then you look up and click on the city of your choice.. and they lie about serving (pick a state) since 2005..\r\n\r\nThese people are despicable.. since the claims are posted for everyone to see here: /link removed/\r\n\r\nI’ll address the BS posted at below for all to see what BS artist these people are.\r\n\r\nI’m an ex military, and now a retired cop – detective.. and I’m only wasting my time on this because after speaking to this guy at in Colorado I wanted to vomit. After nearly an hour, bragging about being a decorated marine (not even letting me ask questions), then bragging about his great experience as a CAR salesman… I was actually so irritated I did more investigation. He was a 2 year grunt – hardly decorated, alcoholic, chain smoking bum!\r\n\r\nThis is what they say on their website:\r\n\r\nDenver Saunas - Infrared saunas\r\n\r\nRocky Mountain Saunas Serving the state of Colorado since 2005. Searching for an Infrared Sauna for your home or business in Colorado?\r\n\r\nWe are quite proud of our infrared sauna handcrafted workmanship and quality control. Colorado, Thanks to you, we are the leading global manufacturer of far infrared saunas.\r\n\r\nHere’s what I found:\r\n\r\nWHOIS search results for:ROCKYMOUNTAINSAUNAS.COM\r\nColorado Infrared Saunas\r\n\r\nRegistrant:\r\nRocky Mountain Sauna\r\n\r\n1556 N. Emery St.\r\nLongmont, Colorado 80501\r\nUnited States\r\n\r\nRegistered through:, Inc. (\r\nDomain Name: ROCKYMOUNTAINSAUNAS.COM\r\nCreated on: 03-Mar-10\r\nExpires on: 03-Mar-20\r\nLast Updated on: 26-Apr-11\r\n\r\nAdministrative Contact:\r\nHopkins, Katie\r\nRocky Mountain Sauna\r\n1556 N. Emery St.\r\nLongmont, Colorado 80501\r\nUnited States\r\n(720) 882-4386
Post by healthmatcher
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