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Send Email 419 Nigerian Transfer S
Respected sir/madam,
Fake Degree Fraud – Fake Degree Phony Review Site\r\nIt’s Another Nigerian 419 Scam - Send Me a Wire Transfer to My Personal Account Scam!\r\n\r\nA serious scam that is continuing to operate even with so many complaints filed are the sites below: The scam which is quite good pretends to be a Fake Diploma Review Site & with customers and consumers complaints all made up really directing people in general to the scammers sites below. After the news came out and some commnets about this scam were posted to the web the scammers moved quickly to deny everything and blame any comment on their rivals or compeditors.\r\n\r\nThis was and is the only way they could stay in business and lure more people into sending them a wire transfer. It’s a clear cut case of someone is slandering us or as they say the comments are a compeditors but the bottom line is you can trust sending us a non refundable wire transfer to our nigerain account. This non sense and the attempt to counter real peoples or past customer or even news complaints seems to show up at the bottom of every complaint filed.\r\n\r\nPHONY- Fake Diploma Review Sites are used by every criminal to boost sales and attempt to gain the trust of people who just do not know any better. It all starts with a web site that makes people feel as if the scammer is trust worthly and cares if you get burned. Some scammers take it a step further and post negitive comments themselves about other sites only to recommend their own as being the best.\r\n\r\nThis alone is how the scam works and how & operates sending people to their sites below. - has no real email account nor does it display any payment information. They simply do not want you to know that right of the bat payment is another send me a wire transfer. The scam sites receive an email from a person looking for a fake degree they attempt to convince people that the scammer (them) are a victim of a scam and that you should trust them.\r\n\r\nOf course the scammers point blank still require and supply you with payment to be made through a bank wire transfer but want you to believe that all the warning signs are not true? The amount of money they are charging is also a dead give away that they are a scam. This is not a little fee they charge for a fake document but rather a large non refundable wire transfer. Since the large amount they are asking you to bank wire transfer is non refindable offering no protection for the customer is stolen their done with you.\r\n\r\nThe web sites alone are also a dead give away as they purposly do not display payment or any real contact information. All of their information is misleading if you just look as they no real question is answered.\r\n\r\nList of Scam Sites – Defrauding People Out of Their Money Through Wire Transfers\r\n\r\\r\\r\\r\\r\\r\
Post by watchoutfraud
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