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Western Union scammer and extortionist - they
Respected sir/madam,
I ordered a replacement transcript, one that I earned fair and square and lost and needed a replacement in a hurry. So I contacted from, who are also known as StudentCertificateHelp, Vinney Luciono, Emma D Hiders, Erika Walker and maybe some other names too, these shady people always seem to do that.

Their price seemed reasonable compared to other more expensive websites, so I placed an order with them. I was not aware of their bad rap when I ordered so I went ahead and emailed them. This is what I found:

- They make promises that they have no idea how to keep and pretend to be something they are not.

- They are pushy and very rude in their emails, and try to make you feel stupid and dirty.

- They come up with all kinds of excuses and made up stuff to try to bamboozle you into trusting them so you will send them money, then they tell you they are making your certificate and go quiet all of a sudden.

- When you push them for what’s going on, they tell you it is being shipped but you never get a tracking number.

So anyway, after waiting and waiting… a few days later, when you try to find out where your certificate is, they tell you it got sent back because you gave them the wrong address, but they never produce the tracking number to prove it.

When you ask them to send it again, they bounce your emails so you never can contact them.

I was scammed out of my money and I know I will never get anything out of them but I would hate for this to happen to anyone else. I got my test scores from my school many weeks later, so I am ok, but I am angry that they treated me this way.

I really should have known better… They can’t even afford to get a proper website!

I may write some more about these people later on. They really ticked me off )):

One more thing...

These bloodsuckers try to threaten people who complain by posting their personal information on the web, but I have nothing to lose because I did nothing wrong, I just had a new baby and all is going well with my life, I am honest and truthful so I have nothing to fear.

So if it comes to that and they do post my personal information I swear to God, I WILL CALL THE POLICE!
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