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Respected sir/madam,
On September of 2010, I request to cancel my account via telephone and in writing. I was lied, and mislead into another contract. I was told that I had not canceled on a timely manner and that I was force into another contract. After many hours of arguing they offer a discount rate which I did accept. But only because I was under the impression that they had force me into another contract. They insisted that I did not cancel in a timely manner and I was bind by this contract. Should I not pay they would send me to collection.\r\nThey acted in bad faith and miss lead me into another contract.\r\nThey have sent me to collection state ting that I owe the entire service year of October 2010-September 31, 2011. They are lying and acting in bad faith as usual. Because there is no possible way that my alarm system would be activated for a full year should I have not paid my monthly payments? The most I could have gone without payment would have been maybe two month before they would have interrupted my service. Which that never happens. So this company lying and is not trust worthy.\r\nBy payment are made by my Bank “BANK OF AMERICA” Bill Pay electronically every month. I provided to them via Fax copy proof and confirmation of the payment sent by my bank Sometime in July of 2011, and they refuse to accept it. . They wanted me to send them actual checks. I do not have this actual check because they are electronic check mail by my bank. I attempted to resolve the problem with the bank, I spent several of days and lot of hours trying to get these check from with no luck because my bank account had been compromise and a new account was open. I own a restaurant and I do not have the time to solve their internal accounting problem. After I had already submitted my confirmation for all my payments. Further more for me to get these Check I would have had to pay for them. Again why would I have to incur an expense for their internal accounting problem? Not to mention the time spend on my Cell phone where I do not have unlimited minute which was costing my air time. Furthermore, stopping me from performing my daily duties at my place of work. My business is a family own restaurant and it is just run by 3 people and, So as you can see I cook, Deliver, Answer the Phone to take order, pay the Bill and so on. To be having to take care or again as I mentioned before their internal accounting problems.\r\nAs for the NSF check there is no possible way that could have happen because the bank pay the monthly bill and then draws from my account. Again another internal accounting problem.\r\nBut when they told me that the check was NFS I called Bank of America to inform them about the situation. The bank informed me that they would call Omega to verify and take care of the problem should there have been one because I did have funds in my account. The Bank did and Omega and they refuse to talk to the bank in regards, I called them and spoke to Ms. Nancy to let them know that I authorized the bank to discus my account. That the bank had to verify the NSF check so they could re issue another check if necessary and pays them the penalty and they still refuse to speak to them. HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO SOLVE THE PROBLOEM? IF THEY REFUSE. I called my Bank and they said the check was good. Again, interrupting my work schedule for their lack of professionalism in their accounting department.\r\nOMEGA “Customer has been receiving service with no lapse and has not had a complaint until we required proof of payment for default of her account.” I have laugh, do you really thing that a company or Omega would have provide service for a year without payment. Like they say October 2010 - September 31, 2011. This is a joke. For that reason and for poor professionalism and due to their internal accounting issue and no longer being happy with their service I cancel the misleading force contract that I never signed or consent. Other that they force me into it by saying that I was already into the contract and that if I did not pay I would go to collection. And then due to of how angry I was they persuaded me by lowering the monthly fees in order to” as they said, attempt to save my company as a customer”. I will say it again they are misleading, persuasive, UN trust worthy.\r\nI have contacted the collection office as well as informed Omega that I am disputing this dept. with the following:\r\nThis will serve as your legal notice under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCP) to cease all communication with me in regards to the debt referenced above. Do not contact me, or any third parties regarding this debt.\r\n\r\nFurthermore, I formally dispute the validity of this debt. Receipt of this formal dispute letter requires you to provide me with documentation that sufficiently supports you assertions that the above-referenced debt belongs to me and that I owe the exact amount alleged.\r\n\r\nBefore you contact me again, please provide me with the following documentation:\r\n(1) Proof that you own the debt and/or are authorized to collect this debt on behalf\r\nOf the current owner;\r\n(2) proof that the debt was actually incurred by me; all copies of the Original Application for this account, my signatures associated with this account, any bills associated with this account, ect.\r\n(3) All copies of the Original Renewal Contract Application for this account, my signatures associated with this contract renewal.\r\n(4) proof that you are licensed to collect debts in Miami, Florida\r\n(5) A copy of any judgment (if applicable);\r\n\r\nYou are also notified that should you furnish any derogatory or inaccurate information any credit reporting agencies, appropriate actions will be taken pursuant to the Fair Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.\r\nThank you for your prompt attention to this matter.\r\n\r\n\r\nBe advised that I have documented all correspondence with respect to this debt and will not hesitate to report any violations of the law to my State Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.\r\nFinally, if you do not own this debt or are not authorized to collect thereon, I demand that you immediately forward this dispute letter to the original creditor to inform them of my dispute.\r\n\r\nOMEGA “The alarm industry is constantly taking over other companies monitored system and a keypad and panel swap is always a normal part of that transaction”. Due to this reason they have my system block which is of my property and they will not release it. They at this time or any time can activate it and deactivated while I am no longer their customer. They still have possession of my personal Alarm system. This is of my property. I would have to replace the panel which will cost me around $200.00 in order to have access to my alarm system.\r\n\r\nOMEGA Customer demanded that we give her our company master code that allows access to all of our secured panels as a company. Not only is this request unethical but threatens the lively hood of our company. “\r\nNO YOU ARE WRONG THAT NOT WHAT I WANT. THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER. OR THEY MAKE BELIEVE THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND ME or making believe they are ignorant. Better yet they work ethic is very low and very unprofessional.\r\n\r\nWhat I want is for them to release my system where another provider can have access to without having to remove the control panel. The same way they did when they took over. If they cannot provide me with the release because they put a master code that they themselves cannot remove I will make them responsible and it is their responsibility to give me back 100% ACCES TO MY ALARM SYSTEM WHICH IT IS OF MY PROPERTY. AND THAT AT THIS TIME THEY STILL HAVE CONTROL OVER EVEN THOUGHT IAM NOT THEIR CUSTOMER. BY EITHER REMOVING THE MASTER CODE OR MAKING AVAILBALBE FOR ANOTHER PROVIDER OR THEY TEMSELVE REPLACING THE CONTROL PANEL OPEN AND AVAILBALE TO OTHER ALARM SYSTEM PROVIDERS.
Post by Ria2274
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