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12/22/11 - I stopped at Walmart and was checking out @ 7:00pm self-checkout, and the employee servicing the self-checkouts allowed a female shopper to slowly self check the items from her full basket while stopping inbetween each item & eating ice cream while checking out. The woman took 1 item from basket, scanned it, put it back in basket, stopped and ate ice cream while she took a break from the exercise of scanning one item, all the while looking around at the people behind her waiting in a long line to check out while she was spooning out and eating the ice cream (where she found a spoon is beyond me!). Then she took out another item from her basket (which was full) & repeated. The employee at self check stations had to keep going to this lady\\\\s monitor and reset it (probably because it would time out) & continued to allow lady to proceed veeeeerrrrryyyyyy slowly. This lady probably left with merchandise not scanned (stolen) because the self scan employee was not watching the woman while she was busy with the other self-scan customers. Security or supervision should have intervened & had an employee scan the lady out. This was really disturbing because the ice-cream-eating lady (who needed to be on slim fast and not ice cream) was purposely doing this. She took longer than 20 minutes (or longer as I have no idea how long she was there prior to my arriving in line) to check out while holiday shoppers were shaking their heads in disgust waiting. I came to the realization the employee probably knew the ice-cream lady and the supervisors were busy with the holiday shoppers in the store, so no one noticed. It was truly amazing. I know security is watching the checkouts very closely, and I kept waiting for someone to come and watch over this lady and her basket. I will never go to Walmart again -- they don\\\\t pay the employees enough to care about customers stealing and holding up checkout lines or they have their friends and relatives come and steal items during the holidays.
Post by GodhelptheUSA
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