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does not do anything about concerns
Respected sir/madam,
My fiancé is in NJSP. Guards have been known to beat prisoners there for no reason, two inmates one time were continually beaten who were already unconscious. Some of these guards there are worse than the inmates and should be in cells themselves.\r\n\r\nBut NJSP is so bad with their mail. Occasionally my fiancé doesn’t even receive the letters I send him. One time when he was kept in a holding cell while he was waiting for another one to open up, they kept his belonging because they didn’t allow property in that block.\r\n\r\nWhen he got it back, the guards had gone through it and took some of his things. He wrote it up, but nothing was done about it. I send him money for supplies and food.\r\n\r\nWhen the guards take someone’s things like that, it is just a waste of money because they are stealing things that someone on the outside paid for. I’ve also heard that guards have also been known to steal things to give to other prisoners to get them to do things for them, and even go after prisoners for complaints then set someone up to take the blame, and even put inmates in the hole for it.\r\n\r\nI wrote to NJDOC, they said to get in touch with Social Services at the prison. I had to write a letter to Social Services about these concerns because I can’t call long distance. I also wrote to the administrator at the prison, but I never got a response from anyone.\r\n\r\nThe least they could do is respond and address these issues or someone’s concerns. The inmates are important to people as well, and it’s hard enough on them being in there for whatever reason and the people they know on the outside without all that goes on in there, with nothing being done about it.
Post by cph192
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