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nascarpitcrew - eBay FRAUD SELLER - THIEF
Respected sir/madam,
Do not do business with Debbie Jean Nickerson on eBay. Her alias is \\\"nascarpitcrew\\\". She is a very rude and dishonest trader.\r\n\r\nPossible aliases: Debra J Nickerson, GARY NICKERSON of the Olathe Fire Department, James D. Nickerson, S Linda Doyle, Diane Doyle\r\n\r\n***It has been confirmed via phone call that GARY NICKERSON uses the account as well and refused to resolve this matter over the phone.\r\n\r\nAvoid any and all dealings with these miscreants\r\n\r\nMy nightmare with her began on November 29th. She purchased an Architectural Digest magazine from my store. I shipped and provided her with a delivery confirmation (which is on record with eBay). On December 20th, 2011, I sent her the following email re: her order:\r\n\r\n\\\"your order was returned to me for NSN. I am not sure what happened, but I went ahead and resent your order and provided new tracking number on the order page. I apologize for inconvenience and please let me know if I can be of further assistance. \\\"\r\n\r\nI gave her a new tracking number which was 9102010521297052815097 through the Post Office. Results are below:\r\n\r\nDelivered\r\n\r\nDec-24-11, 15:08 PM, OLATHE, KS 66061\r\n\r\nOut for Delivery\r\n\r\nDec-24-11, 09:02 AM, OLATHE, KS 66061\r\n\r\nSorting Complete\r\n\r\nDec-24-11, 08:52 AM, OLATHE, KS 66061\r\n\r\nArrival at Post Office\r\n\r\nDec-24-11, 05:25 AM, OLATHE, KS 66061\r\n\r\nDepart USPS Sort Facility\r\n\r\nDec-24-11, 02:07 AM, KANSAS CITY, KS 66106\r\n\r\nProcessed through USPS Sort Facility\r\n\r\nDec-23-11, 21:56 PM, KANSAS CITY, KS 66106\r\n\r\nProcessed through USPS Sort Facility\r\n\r\nDec-20-11, 03:54 AM, BELL GARDENS, CA 90201\r\n\r\nDepart USPS Sort Facility\r\n\r\nDec-20-11, 00:00 AM, BELL GARDENS, CA 90201\r\n\r\nAs you can see, I put this right back in the mail and made sure it arrived in time for Christmas. What is the buyer\\\\s response to this? Well, someone who wasn\\\\t trying to rip you off would email you and tell you she was sincerely concerned. Debbie Jean Nickerson decided to try to screw me out of my money by filing a case with eBay even though she was already given valid tracking information.\r\n\r\nI understand how mistakes can happen. So, I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt and ask her why she opened up the case. Here is the email I sent her on December 23rd inquring about the chargeback case:\r\n\r\n\\\"Ya, I guess I don\\\\t understand why you opened and closed this case? Perhaps this was a mistake. I emailed you and provided you additional delivery confirmation data. You can also see through the \\\"item details\\\" section that the order is in transit? Did you mean to file a case for another seller?\\\"\r\n\r\nI receive my first email EVER from Debbie Jean Nickerson on December 23d. Here it goes:\r\n\r\n\\\"I didn\\\\t file anything. Ebay sent me an email asking if I had received my item yet and I checked NO. Because I have not received it yet and it has been over 3 weeks. I never cancelled my inquiry and refile anything. I just answered ebay\\\\s question if I received it, which again was a big fat NO!\\\"\r\n\r\nRight away, I knew she was gonna be trouble. She clearly lies about opening the case and eBay emailing her. I\\\\ve been on eBay for YEARS and they never email buyers about their transactions unless they file the complaint first.\r\n\r\nNotice how she also avoids the fact that their is clearly a tracking number on file with ebay proving the magazine had been shipped. Clearly, she was trying to get a refund from ebay and the magazine. She likes to find sneaky ways to steal money from people. She scammed ebay user \\\"ferngully123 \\\" out of his hard earned money too. He paid for shipping and then she pocketed the cash and sent his order to him with postage due. What a creep. Anyway...\r\n\r\nFast forward to December 26th, 2011. Debbie Jean Nickerson attempts to finalize her fraud. Two days after the post office CONFIRMS delivery with the tracking number, she lies to eBay and tells them she never received her order. Through a glitch in the system, they temporarily refund her. I immediately appeal and win. See the email from eBay below:\r\n\r\n\\\"MC999 xxxx, we\\\\ve reversed the outcome for case (xxxx) and payment is on its way\r\n\r\n\r\nDear xxxx (\r\n\r\nWe\\\\ve reviewed the appeal of case xxxx involving this transaction :\r\n\r\nxxxx - Architectural Digest Magazine xxxx\r\n\r\nWe\\\\ll credit the amount of the refund to your PayPal account. Payment processing for your credit may take up to 7 days.\r\n\r\nIf you didn\\\\t refund the buyer or reimburse eBay, you don\\\\t need to take any other action.\r\n\r\nThanks,\r\n\r\neBay\r\n\r\nPlease don\\\\t reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn\\\\t accept incoming email.\r\n\r\n\r\nH58571\r\n\r\n****************************************************************************************\r\n\r\nAs you can see, eBay snuffed out her scam and reversed the decision on December 26th. Giving me my money back. Since Debbie Jean Nickerson\\\\s scam failed, she leaves retaliatory negative feedback on my account. She lies and says the following on December 26th, 2011:\r\n\r\n\\\"NEVER RECEIVED ITEM! SUPER SLOW SHIPPING, IF ANY! POOR COMMUNICATION! CASE FILED\\\"\r\n\r\nClear lies. The postal tracking number clearl shows delivery on December 24th, 2011. Additionally, I emailed her on December 20, December 23, and December 24th. She is clearly bitter that I stopped her from ripping me off like she did others.\r\n\r\nAvoid any and all dealings with this angry bitter woman.
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