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Ilona Grenadier Lawyer Lying in Court ~ Steal
Respected sir/madam,
Ilona Grenadier of Grenadier Anderson Stracae Duffett & Kiesler LLP & Her husband Jerome Heckman of Keller and Heckman LLP Washington DC married in December of 1985 after the Death of Judge Albert Grenadier in March of 1985 ~ 1st cousin to Jerry Heckman nephew of Sonia Grenadier Who out of Ilona Grenadier\\\\s law firm over $95, 000. was stolen. Both lawyers know about it and have benefited by it. The Real Estate purchased with the funds is now worth over 10 million dollars. Ilona Grenadier is also guilty of lying in court ~ to Judges ~ Filing False documents in the courts in the courts ~ etc etc go to to read more ~\r\n\r\n\r\nFacts about the Money that was Stolen out of the SONIA GRENADIER Trust by David Grenadier and Ilona Ely Grenadier Thru March 2, 1990 when they were removed as Agents.\r\n\r\n\r\n1. That a Trust was established on May 2, 1975 between Sonia Grenadier the Grantor and Albert H. Grenadier, the Trustee.\r\n2. That November 30, 1983 an Amendment to the Trust Agreement Added Ilona E. Grenadier as an additional trustee, in the event the original Trustee is unable to perform his duties under the Trust Agreement.\r\n3. The Trustee Albert H. Grenadier died the beginning of 1985.\r\n4. On December 6, 1985 there is a letter from Jim Arthur to Ilona Ely Grenadier about the mechanics of the trust and the options. That the Addendum was done wrong.\r\n5. There is a hand written note dated 12-16 in David Grenadier’s handwriting Jim is out of town. Then on that same note s/w (spoke with) Jim on 12-23 asked him to draw up approp. Papers to have Duvall removed as Trustee and give IEG (Ilona Ely Grenadier and myself (David Mark Grenadier) auth. To act on SG’s (Sonia Grenadier) affairs on behalf Sl.Le (?) will do it. These notes are attached to a letter dated December 6, 1985 from Jim Arthur to Ilona Ely Grenadier at the time Jim Arthur was with Fagelson, Schonberger, Payne and Arthur.\r\n6. On March 2, 1990 A letter from Jim Arthur now with Mays and Valentine to David Grenadier reads in the first paragraph towards the end of the paragraph the following: By a written designation dated March 7, 1986, signed by both myself and your grandmother, you and /or Ilona were appointed such agent and to my knowledge you have handle those matters since that date. The 2nd paragraph then reads: This is to advise you that your authority to act as agent for the trust is hereby immediately withdrawn and terminated.\r\n7. To Janice Wolk Grenadiers knowledge all accounting for Sonia Grenadier were handled out of the Law Office of Ilona Ely Grenadier Heckman, of Grenadier, Anderson, Starace & Duffett, P.C. Plaintiff also believes that all negotiations and settlements on the mismanagement of the Sonia Grenadier Trust were also handled by Ilona Ely Grenadier Heckman for David Grenadier/Ilona Greanadier. It is believed Ilona to protect herself Lied to the Attorneys that tried to defend the heirs to the Sonia Grenadier Trust.\r\n8. That on September 16, 1991 a settlement of the property of Legal Description: Lot N/A 2.90189 Acres in Fairfax Co. Tax map # 102-1-01 Parcels: 34, 35, 36 and 27. Also known as Holland Road. With a Sale to Zimmerman Development and Sonia Grenadier for a Sales Price of $ 300, 000.00.\r\n9. That Ilona negotiated the commission due to Wolk & Associates / Janice Wolk Grenadier Broker to reimburse the Sonia Grenadier Trust for the stealing of the Trust’s Funds. Janice at the time was in a very fragile state just having a miscarriage at around 5 months, her daughter born 10 ½ months, July 6, 1990 with an emergency c-section and a heart issue. Her other daughter was then born 16 months later November 6, 1991 with a c-section. At the same time David Grenadier was curled up in bed saying all he wanted to do was to commit suicide. Ilona told Janice it was her problem to deal with. Ilona told Janice that David would end up in jail getting raped and beaten if Janice didn’t agree to the assignment of the commission. Ilona would ask Janice how she would like taking her children to jail to see their father. It was under much distress that Janice agreed to assign the commission as Janice was basically the sole supporter of the family, Janice had worked hard over a year to sell the Holland Road property. Ilona also threatened Janice that she was not to discuss this with anyone, including any attorneys and especially her husband Jerry Heckman was not to know of the stealing money from the Sonia Grenadier Trust. Ilona and David knew Janice wasn’t as strong as they were and they would be able to control Janice with the threat of David going to jail and being raped and beaten, with how this would affect the girls. To date Ilona their grandmother hasn’t seen Abigail and Madeline Grenadier in 17 years by Ilona’s choice. David sees the girl’s maybe 6 – 8 times a year and in 13 years has never helped above his court ordered child support with the girl’s expenses. Ilona did recently inform Janice that she and her family didn\\\\t have anything to do with the girls as Janice raised them Catholic ~ Ilona is Jewish.\r\n10. Ilona insisted that a NOTE be written for the commission to be paid back by David the $30, 000.00 plus interest. Ilona a lawyer kept the only copies of the note. Ilona said she would keep it in a safe place and it was best kept with her, in order to protect it. It is believed now by Janice that the reason for Ilona a lawyer kept the copy was to protect Ilona and only herself. Janice believes Ilona knew that the money went into the properties that she and David owned thru GIC, Monroe Ave Partnership, Bellefonte Ave Partnership and Southway Terrace. Along with the question as to her ownership of 314 Custis Ave, Alexandria, Va. As to where her monthly payment went on a note with the Sonia Grenadier Trust. Ilona again threatened Janice that if this got out would go to jail, he would be raped, beaten, and what would that do to the girls. Ilona and David knew how important the girls were to Janice and that she would do anything to protect them. David and Ilona were very good at manipulating Janice.\r\n11. Ilona negotiated the settlement with Jim Arthur on the funds that were stolen out of the Sonia Grenadier trust out of her office. Jim Arthur in October of 1993 was found guilty of Embezzlement of $2.4 million dollars from 8 Clients. Ilona, Janice believes lied in the negotiations as Ilona had to know in the negotiations there was more money missing, along with the facts that not all bank statements were available to get a true dollar amount of the money. Janice believes there was also one bank account that was never even accounted for.\r\n12. In the summer of 2008 Ilona in front of Michael Weiser Esq. Informed Janice that Ilona didn’t believe David had taken the money from the Sonia Grenadier Trust. Ilona also in front of Michael Weiser Esq. Said Janice should be GRATEFUL to Ilona for the listing of the property at Holland Road. Janice then reviewed the files she had on the money that was stolen out of the Sonia Grenadier Trust. Janice now knows Ilona was aware at the time of this how this would reflect on her and her law practice since she benefited from the funds. Janice believes the stealing of money may have started prior to David being added as an agent for the trust, without all the files it is hard to trace back exactly when it all started.\r\n13. David and Ilona had a partnership called Grenadier Investment Company, Ltd (GIC) a Virginia General Partnership. Ilona and David purchased Real Estate in this Partnership. The time frame of the partnership purchasing Real Estate and the funds found missing from the Sonia Grenadier Trust coincide. Most of the Grenadier Investment Co. Ltd, properties have been sold. There was a large profit from the sale of these properties taken by Ilona and David and also in the 28 E. Bellefonte Partnerships where they were they lied. There is also the Monroe Ave Partnership which received at least $3, 500.00 directly from Sonia Grenadier’s accounts. Monroe Ave was purchased for $ 400, 000.00 and now has a tax value of $ 1, 350, 000.00. Jerry Heckman, Ilona Ely Grenadier Heckman’s husband owned ½ of Monroe Ave. Janice doesn’t know if Jerry Heckman still owns ½ of this property. Grenadier Investment which most of the properties have sold still has Southway Terrace. From what accounting Janice has it looks like there was a profit taken by Ilona and I am not sure what part of that David was involved but, around $575, 000. On properties sold to this date. Southway Terrace which is still owned was purchased for $2, 940, 000.00 and in 2007 had a tax value over $8, 000, 000.00 Eight Million dollars and in 2008 had a tax value of $7, 269, 800.00 GIC received directly at the time from Sonia Grenadier’s accounts $3, 300.00. At the time of the accounting there were many missing checks so this could be greater. The funds most often from Janice’s knowledge went through David Mark Grenadier’s accounts to Grenadier Investment Ltd. Janice now believes Ilona knew this at the time that she negotiated the settlement with the other heirs of the Sonia Grenadier Trust.\r\n14. There is a statement By Ilona that is called Advances From Ilona from Jan 1, 1985 thru July 31, 1993. This shows the amount of money Ilona put into Property partnerships called GIC / Monroe / E. Bellefonte / Southway.\r\n15. There is also a letter Dated 10-31-1994 That David informs Ilona that he had matched her dollar for dollar on the partnership contributions from 1985 – 1989. That would be around $84, 270.56 for GIC. On the Bellefonte Property, Janice had leant David his share of monies needed to purchase, Janice had paid majority of negatives and expenses on the property. On the Monroe Ave Property that is questionable as Ilona brought her husband Jerry Heckman Esq. as a 50% partner at some time after the purchase of the property. During this time frame $13, 561.55 was put into the property. Janice believes these documents to be correct. There is also information about this from a paper that Yoav Katz did that shows from Tax returns and what Ilona or David gave him that backs these numbers pretty closely.\r\n16. Ilona in that time frame had to be aware of what David was earning as David worked for her, Ilona is David’s step mother along with the knowledge that David had not inherited much from the death of his father Judge Albert Grenadier. Janice knows from a W-2 that David’s income in 1988 was $ 29, 947.36 gross pay with $2, 249.04 going to Social Security with $ 3, 400.00 to Fed taxes. During 1988 David would have had to put more than $20, 000.00 to match Ilona’s accounting. At the same time he had his own personal living expenses. Ilona as David’s partner, step mother, employer had to have known all of this. David at this time was living in one of the Grenadier Investment Properties and paying market rent to the Partnership, which Ilona had to be aware of.\r\n17. It is Janice’s understanding almost everything Judge Albert Grenadier had, was inherited by Ilona. From David’s siblings it is Janice’s understanding that they received less than $2, 000.00 as their inheritance from their father Judge Albert Grenadier.\r\n18. Ilona has not produced a copy of the NOTE for the Assignment of the Commission on Holland Road to Janice which has been requested.\r\n19. Janice believes from what she knows that she is the only one who paid back any of the money which was stolen from the Sonia Grenadier Trust by David, and with question as to how much Ilona knew with Ilona benefiting from it. That Ilona has the only copy of the note that would pay back Janice Wolk & Wolk & Associates the $30, 000.00 with interest that Ilona had negotiated with the pretense that only David was involved with the stealing of the money from the Trust. That the assigned of the commission due to Wolk & Associates / Janice Wolk Grenadier Broker back to Sonia Grenadier. Ilona negotiated the settlement with Jim Arthur.\r\n20. Ilona and David have benefited from the $30, 000.00 as they were not prosecuted for stealing the money from the Trust. While benefiting very nicely financially with the properties that GIC, Bellefonte Ave, Monroe Ave, and Southway Terrace.\r\n21. Janice was told by Ilona that she had no choice but to assign the commission to keep David out of jail, being raped and beaten. Ilona an attorney drew this horrid picture that if Janice didn’t do exactly as she said that David the father of Abigail and Madeline would go to jail being raped and beaten. Janice believes David and Ilona believed they could manipulate her with threats that if this got out what a horrid effects it would have on Abigail and Madeline. They were right till Ilona made the comments in 2008 that she didn’t believe David took the money and how GRATEFUL Janice should be for the listing of Holland Road Property. Janice worked over a year to sell and get top dollar for the property on Holland Road so Ilona could negotiate it to pay back funds that David may have physically stolen, but to have benefited Ilona with GIC. With a review on the limited amount of paper work Janice still has on the money stolen from the Sonia Grenadier Trust, Janice now believes that David & Ilona lied to everyone involved. Janice also believes they lied horridly in the negotiations with Jim Arthur.\r\n22. Janice now believes Ilona was aware for the funds being stolen and took advantage of her ignorance, and fragile mind set to manipulate the situation and put Janice in a situation where she was having night mares of David Mark Grenadier being in jail being raped and beaten was despicable. Ilona and David lied to all the heirs to the Sonia Grenadier Trust and their lawyers.\r\n\r\nTo read more please go to
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