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Poor practices "educating" ecommerce. Not w
Respected sir/madam,
I learned a lot about Internet marketing process and how to find a \\\"niche\\\" that you could put your business into that would give you some headway on the www so you can have a product that is wanted by enough consumers that your website \\\\should\\\\ succeed. This tiny lesson cost me eight-thousand dollars. I think they would have taken more out of my pocket if I had more. They used a shammy technique of telling me to apply for a Pay Buddy Credit Card {obvious nm. chg. for complaint} which was granted and then they took every last penny of the account by justifying that, \\\"...we sometimes charge 10 to as much as 30 thousand dollars... but Mr. X, we can get you the same support and training for [the limit of my card].\\\"\r\nSo now I have been spending three years, and counting, to pay off the equivalent of a student loan whereas I did not get anything close to an education. The \\\\education\\\\ was supposed to be in the form of SUPPORT, COACHING and WEB MARKETING (SEO). For the money I paid there were times when I never got a return call or the return call in response to my technical or educational question was convoluted or misunderstood or sometimes answered by three or four separate techs (coaches) with more than one answer that may have been conflicting with the other.\r\nThey do not keep coordination static enough to know which customer needs what level of support. Some need hand-holding, some just need advice about what to do about website design and meta data. Lightwave builder support would not have good answer because THEY WANT YOU TO GET PAST THE \\\"TRAINING STAGE\\\" (you get 6 weeks top-level support and then you are one half-level---basically on your own) SO THEY CAN START CHARGING YOU FOR SERVICES THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED WITH THE EXPENSIVE ORIGINAL Package.\r\nIn conclusion, you get very little in the way of training and true Internet marketing tools usage. They charge $500.00, 1500.00 to \\\"Optimize your Search Engine query results\\\" so you can be found on the Internet faster/easier. This is what they charge you AFTER you have reached the half-level support. This SEO should be the first thing they fork money out for (from your \\\\tuition\\\\ of course) to make you successful. They lack a protocol that can make you successful in eCommecerce unless you want to pay thousands of dollars every three months---after you have \\\"graduated.\\\"\r\nThe recruiter touted how he wanted to make [me] successful and the big picture for them was to have a great \\\"Success Story\\\" to put on their website, showing how much a prospective person could make. Of course, I never got a call back from them, ever, after I gave them 500 dollars, once, to optimize my site and with no results from this \\\\Optimization\\\\ I never paid for the service again; so of course they have never called me since that last transaction AND they have not called or emailed me to get my \\\"Success Story\\\" to put on their wall... or for any other reason. Note that they promise Life-Time Support with your project. They dropped me like a fly after they found out I had no more money to give them.\r\nDo Not sign up for this type of service, you can find out more and learn more just by building a website and read up on SEO and backlinks. What Focus/Lightwave gives you is nothing but years of paying off a debt.
Post by Laserbeam1
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