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Respected sir/madam, SCAM SCAM FAKE Psychic Review Forum SCAM. RIP-OFF ALERT\r\n\r\nRIP-OFF ALERT:\r\n\r\nNew psychic scam called the Spells and Spirits Review Forum This is a forum claiming to expose scammers but in fact promotes psychics, has FAKE members, deletes threads and will ban you if you post a claim contrary to one of their \\\"approved psychics.\\\" Most of these are sellers of \\\"spirit objects\\\" and psychic readings on eBay.\r\n\r\nThe tagline of the website is \\\"Seeking for true and genuine online practitioners.\\\" Very telling.\r\nLet me start by saying if you are claiming that some psychics are \\\"real\\\" while others are \\\"fake\\\" then you are already part of the scam.\r\n\r\nThe basic problem with this ridiculous site is that it seems to make the absurd assumption that there are real psychics. That assumption tells you one thing, the site is a complete and utter fraud.\r\n\r\nOf course they state that they try to find the frauds but, of course, what they are really doing is a sneaky way to promote their own list of recommended frauds.\r\n\r\nA quick review of the forum will show you that most of the posts are made by the same group of 10-20 individuals. Most are likely the same person. They could be a small group of \\\"psychics\\\" who banded together to promote their own circle of SCAM.\r\n\r\nThe admin of has found a pretty unique way to get attention to her/his scam artists.\r\n\r\nWARNING: This scam is quite simply, they create a forum and then a bunch of fictional characters to manipulate potential victims into trusting a specific website.\r\n\r\nPeople who are deluded by psychics will no doubt fall for this new trick, but people who have a lick of brains don\\\\t need a web site to seek out the frauds, they know for a fact that psychics are ALL 100% frauds so they don\\\\t need anyone to help them find the bad ones, they are all bad.\r\n\r\nATTENTION: promote their own list of recommended frauds like the anon registered domains:\r\n\r\ (Yaya Maria is on ebay too)\r\ (on ebay: hansel_and_gretal)\r\\r\n\r\nand some more which are all a BIG SCAM too.\r\n\r\nDon\\\\t fall into the same trap I did. They use the forum to lure victims to their website\r\n\r\nMany people lost a lot of money because of the fake psychic review forum scam.\r\n\r\nTry it: Register to this fake forum and make one thread as a test. Write: \\\"I bought a spirit item from but there was no spirit inside.\\\"\r\n\r\nYOUR MESSAGE WILL BE DELETED and in less than 30 minutes you are banned from the forum!!!\r\n\r\nScam Fraud Ripoff Report\r\\r\nFAKE Psychic Review\r\n++ RIP-OFF ALERT ++\r\nSearch on /link removed/ for more!
Post by HHGL
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