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Respected sir/madam,, thief, liar, dangerously incompetent, intellectually dishonest, morally corrupt, Capital One
Occupation: Capital One IT Manager
Address: 15000 Capital One Drive Richmond , VA 23238
Phone: 804-241-2951

Gretchen.Wang, of capital one, is a nasty, disrespectful micromanager, and intellectually lacking, dishonest, dangerously incompetent, verbally abusive, and morally corrupt individual. Gretchen Wang fosters a hostile working environment at capital one. is from Taiwan and speaks limited English and can not articulate project goals, let alone execution processes. In spite of all this, she boosts a gigantic ego, one which trumps all her team mates. Gretchen Wang thinks that she is the queen of the small business data team. In addition, Gretchen Wang is a thief. Gretchen Wang steals Capital One’s corporate intelligence and sells them to competitors on a regular basis. Among the things she has sold: Capital One Small Business Rewards Model, CDW warehouse containing millions of accounts information, data models, and other sensitive inside information.
As for her management style, Gretchen Wang will berate you. She’ll abuse you. Heck, sometimes she will even take a swing at you. Gretchen Wang is without doubt among the most horrid, fear-inducing, vile bosses of all time. Gretchen Wang regularly reveals to people how much other people’s salaries are. Gretchen Wang takes all the credit from the data team, and shoulders none of the responsibilities. For instance, she took credits for the Helix conversion project, the extended pay product launch, and new data models. Take a look at the nightmares you should be thankful you don\\t work for her.
People are \"discarded\" by Gretchen Wang without any regard to ethics, corporate standards or in some cases even the law. Capital One and Gretchen Wang are an example of what is wrong with corporate America where people mean nothing and data means everything. There is a great deal of inexperience, theft coverup in management such as Gretchen Wang. They need a good dose of reality. If you are investigating Capital One as a possible employer, think twice and find someplace else.

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