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Put My Life In Danger with a Poor Repair
Respected sir/madam,
Paul Masse GMC Chevrolet Service East Providence, RI\r\n\r\nI brought my truck to Paul Masse GMC Chevrolet for repair because I was recommended to the dealer by Paul Masse\\\\s niece. I figured that since I knew her I would send her uncle some business.\r\n\r\nI was having a problem with my truck starting so I brought it in for repair, and after a $99 diagnosis fee I was told I needed to replace the fuel pump, the total cost was almost $900 including parts and labor so I had the fuel pump replaced and went on my way.\r\n\r\nAfter a while I noticed my \\\"check engine light\\\" came on in my truck. I hooked my code reader up to the truck computer port to find out what was wrong and check the error code. After reading the code I went online to a GMC Chevrolet mechanics blog and he indicated that it was probably a bad or worn gas cap and the system was losing pressure and the blog indicated I should replace my gas cap. I replaced the gas cap and the check engine light was still on.\r\n\r\nI had recently moved out of state 2 hours to the north and so I took it to a very reputable garage to have find out why the check engine light is still on. I spent $100 for them to diagnose the problem and they did a smoke test on my fuel system, and that smoke test revealed that there is a leak and it was coming from where the gas tank fits up against the bottom of my truck. The mechanic asked me if I recently had my gas tank removed for some reason and I indicated that I indeed had it removed and a new fuel pump was installed. He told me that when the tank was put back on the truck it was done incorrectly and that was causing the leak and recommended taking it to the dealer to get it repaired since the repair is under warranty.\r\n\r\nI called Paul Masse GMC Chevrolet to tell them what my mechanic said and they said they don\\\\t accept a diagnosis from anyone unless it is from GMC Chevrolet dealer. Since I lived 2 hours away from Paul Masse in East Providence I asked them to see if I could have it repaired at the GMC Chevrolet dealer in Manchester, NH. where I live, Paul Masse GMC Chevrolet Service Manager told me that I would have to bring it back to them for repair. It was then that I found out the 1 year or 12, 000 mile warranty on my repair is only covered at the dealer where the repair took place. I asked the Service Manager what his slowest day is and I will bring it to them on one of their slow days, he asked me to bring it in Wednesday. I awoke at 4:30 AM and went for the 2 hour ride to Paul Masse GMC Chevrolet in East Providence, RI to get my truck repaired.\r\n\r\nI waited for almost 4.5 hours to get the truck repaired. While I was waiting the Manager came in and said he was having a meeting with the Service Department because they were doing a great job and offered every customer in the waiting room a free oil change for waiting. I thought, cool, I don\\\\t mind waiting a little longer if I get a free oil change.\r\n\r\nSo here it is almost noon time and they tell me my truck is all fixed and ready to go. I was happy other than having to take a day out of work and spend $60 in gas to get this repair done on top of a $100 diagnosis fee from the other garage. I started my truck and headed out on the highway for my ride home from Paul Masse GMC Chevrolet in East Providence, RI. Almost immediately I smelled gas when I hit the highway, I drove for about 10 miles and the gas smell was getting stronger so I pulled over and looked under my truck at the gas tank, my jaw dropped, I was leaking gas and the bottom of my gas tank was wet and dripping gas. I brought my truck into to get repaired for a second time and now I was in a life threatening situation. I called the Paul Masse GMC Chevrolet Service Department and they offered to send a tow truck. I decided against it because of the time factor and needed to get home so I took my life in my own hands and drove it back to them. When I got back I mentioned to Denise that I never got the free oil change that the manager offered everyone.\r\n\r\nThe mechanic who did the repair had not tested the repair he performed and the fact of the matter is he had bent the gas line while reinstalling the tank and it caused a leak, a leak he did not notice. After returning my car to Paul Masse I asked the service manager Denise to please give me Paul Masse\\\\s direct office number at the dealer and she said she did not know it and could not help me get it. I found this to be a bad move because if an employee of mine put a clients life in danger I would want to know about it to ensure it would not happen gain. I asked Denise if she could call the General Manager for me as I wanted to talk to him instead. The General Manager evidently did not think my life threatening experience was worth coming to talk to me about and I never saw him.\r\n\r\nAs I write this review I am sitting in Paul Masse GMC Chevrolet waiting room getting my truck repaired. Now for the test, will this repair, the third one for the same problem fix the problem? As far as I am concerned they already have 3 strikes against them and I feel I am due some kind of refund to cover a repair that took 3 trips to the dealer, gas, expenses ect. but will never see it and since they never gave me the oil change I figured they were not going to do anything for me at all and their little \\\"Service Meeting\\\" had me waiting longer. Only time will tell if this repair is good, and if it fails I shall follow up with another review of this Dealer. They put gas in my truck for all of my troubles, I think it was to test the pressure in the system for a leak and because most of the fuel remaining was drained from the vehicle by the leak.\r\n\r\nI leave for the second time today to take the 2 hour ride home and it is about 2:00 PM, I arrived at the dealer at 7:15 AM. and I am now tired from dealing with them. I got into my truck and guess what? After I mentioned to Denise that I never got the free oil change as promised I figured they would give me one this time, I never got it! So after all this the General Manager offers me a free oil change that I never received, even after mentioning it to Denise, the General Manager never came to see me when I asked to speak with him. This obviously means I am not important as a customer even after I could have died in a fiery car crash because of their poor service repair. What ever happened to service? What happened to the MR. Goodwrench Guarantee, \\\"We fix it right the first time\\\"?\r\n\r\nAfter all this I have come to believe that good service always starts at the top, with the GM, the GM that never came to talk to me after I requested to speak with him. So in a nutshell Paul Masse Service is 0 stars in my opinion.\r\n\r\nBottom line, I would not recommend Paul Masse GMC Chevrolet Service Center in East Providence, RI to anyone simply because 3 strikes your out in my eyes and after having my life put at risk you can see why.\r\n\r\nThis review was penned while I was at the dealer so please excuse any grammar or punctuation errors. I was fuming and had to write this in the middle of it all and to get this bad experience out of my system so I can get on with my week.
Post by notahappycamper99
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