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Breach of Contract
Respected sir/madam,
Hired Brad and Julie Hodge of Discount Wedding Photography dba Hodge Photography for wedding in the summer of 2011. Our contract states we will have the services we contracted for (pictures, dvd, photo book, slide show and more) five (5) weeks after our event. It has now been six (6) months, several e-mails and still nothing. We were even willing to drive out to him for our goods. He has not only done this to us, but to several others, who\\\\s weddings date back to early 2011. His 951-595-9717 is now disconnected and he states he is homeless, living in a ditch but continues to e-mail and cover wedding events. Several couples have filed in small claims court against him and have upcoming cases pending in February and March. One couple had their court date in December, but he failed to show. They then had the burden to prove their case and actually did and won. Judges do not award your case easily unless you can prove the facts or show the breach of contract, which in their case, they did. Make sure the photographer you hire for your event is not only qualified but committed to abide by the contract you he signs with you. If not, you will be in the same situation as several of us, still waiting for photos of their once in a lifetime event. You can\\\\t get back the moments you missed if you have nothing to memorialize them with. Brides, Grooms, Families Beware of whom you trust with your most precious day.\r\n
Post by Doc G
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