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Respected sir/madam,
I went into store to buy some drink mix and gatorade. when I came to the gatorade isle there were four shelves high about 8ft long. this isle is where the gator aid is supposed to be. on the shelves the bottom shelf is four the gallon containers the next shelf up is for the half gallons and so on. This was 8:00PM at night and the shelves were empty with the exception of a couple of eight packs on the top shelf and one on the second shelf down.\r\n\r\nThis was the seventh time I had been in the store in the last 5 weeks only to find the same situation. disgusted with the situation I went to get the dry fruit punch mix that I had came to get. this store sales two kinds, Christal light at $2.49 and wall-mart brand at $1.98. Just like every time I had come in the store before there was no wall-mart brand fruit punch yet there was plenty of Christal light brand.\r\n\r\nAt this point I became upset that every time I come into the store the situation is the same so I found an employee and asked her if they had ether any 1 gallon bottles of gator aid in the back or any of the fruit punch mix. I was told that if it was not on the shelf there would be no more till 12:00AM when the shelves were stocked. I asked her if it would be there at midnight then did that not mean that there was some in the back. she kindly told me that was not her department and she did not have time to look.\r\n\r\nSo as I was walking by the open faced cooler I ran across a man named Ikan and I asked him if he could look in back and see if there was ether of the two items that I was looking for. I was told if it was not on the shelf then there was not any. I ask him, what till midnight, he said yes that is right. I said if it will be on the shelf at midnight doesn\\\\t that mean there is probable some in back. He stopped stocking the cold juice and looked at me with a dirty look and in a very rude voice told me, can\\\\t you see I am busy, I do not have time to look in back for what ever it is every customer wants, I can\\\\t help it if you can\\\\t find what your looking for every time you come in her, that\\\\s not my problem. I told him that was fine and I put what I had in my hands down in his cart and said well now re stalking this can be your problem.\r\n\r\nI came back about15 min later and bought the Christal light fruit punch dry mix and two peach pies. I am disabled and have no car I have to go to the store when I can. it\\\\s pretty bad when all your employees are to busy to help the customer\\\\s, keep the shelves clean and stalked, and the floors swept. Every time I go in that store it is only halfway stocked, the lines are all the way across the walkway and the store is dirty, mean while the employees stand around and look out the back doors and hide whenever they can. every body I have talked to has said that they had enough of it. I have complained to the manager at least three or four times and it does no good. like others that live here within five miles of the store I will be going to the aero drive store if I can get a ride, it is about ten miles from here, but at least I get treated like I am wanted here.\r\n\r\nmy wife stocks for target, if they treated a customer like I have been treated the last six or seven times, they would get fired. Your people don\\\\t even seem to care. at this rate you won\\\\t be #1 for long. I have never been so disgusted with a store and it\\\\s employees before in my life. I only hope you can fix it before it\\\\s to late.
Post by Druglane
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