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Steve Pinkus
Respected sir/madam,
Do not do business with or ROYAL ROOFING COMPANY (R.W.S.&P. Inc.) Located at 6320 Clara Street Bell Gardens, CA 90201-5604 with the telephone number(s) (562) 928-1200\r\n\r\nSTEVE PINKUS IS THE OWNER of ROYAL ROOFING WHO SCAMMED ME! BEWARE OF DOING BUSINESS WITH ROYAL ROOFING OR STEVE PINKUS\r\nWebsite: www.ROYALROOFING.COM\r\nTelephone: CELL #\\\\S: 213-305-0277 or 714-306-9797 OFFICE: 562-928-1200 FAX: 562-928-1288 34/7 EXCHANGE: 800-ROOF-390\r\nSTEVE PINKUS IS A LIAR AND A STRAIGHT CROOK! HOW DARE YOU STEVE PINKUS! YOU ARE A HORRABLE BUSINESS MAN AND YOU PREY AND RIP OFF THE LITTLE GUY! STEVE THINKS HE CAN RIP ME OFF BECAUSE I AM A BUSINESS! HE IS POLITE AND KIND WHEN TRYING TO GET A SALE BUT HE RIPPED ME OFF FOR $5, 000.00! HE LIED AND I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH STEVE PINKUS FROM ROYAL ROOFING! ALL HE DOES IS LIE AND COST HIS HARD WORKING AMERICAN CUSTOMERS! HOW CAN YOU TRUST THIS SHIT HEAD TO PUT A ROOF ON YOUR HOME! I SENT STEVE MANY CUSTOMERS I AM VERY EMBARRESED THAT HE LIES AND STEELS AND SCAMS PEOPLE! I SENT HIM CUSTOMER AFTEWR CUSTOMER AND HE RIPPED ME OFF! I AM THE LITTLE BUSINESS AND STEVE PINKUS FROM ROYAL ROOFING IS A LIAR!\r\nBEWARE OF DOING BUSINESS WITH STEVE PINKUS FROM ROYAL ROOFING!\r\nHere is an email he sent me after I sent him 700 potential customers!\r\n\r\nYOU HAVE DONE A TERRIBLE \\\"LYING/SALES JOB\\\" THAT U GOT CAUGHT ON TO ME/MY COMPANY.\r\n\r\nHOW DARE U USE ME FOR A REFERENCE AND FOR A COMPANY I NEVER HEARD OF NOR DID BUSINESS WITH.\r\n\r\nA SALES PROFESSIONAL ALWAYS VERIFIES 1ST THAT A CLIENT WILL GIVE A GOOD REFERRAL.\r\n\r\nHEY DUMB DUMB, PAY BACKS A BITCH BUT U DESERVED IT FOR WHAT U DID. POST THIS ONLINE.\r\n\r\nIF U HASSLE ME, I WILL FORWARD THIS TO GOOGLE & THE BBB\r\n\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\nROYAL ROOFING COMPANY (R.W.S.&P. Inc.)\r\n\r\nSTEVE PINKUS - Servicing Royal Roofing Clients SINCE 1980 *Please visit us at: www.ROYALROOFING.COM\r\nPresident & Corporate Licensee\r\nCELL #\\\\S: 213-305-0277 or 714-306-9797 OFFICE: 562-928-1200 FAX: 562-928-1288 34/7 EXCHANGE: 800-ROOF-390\r\n\r\n***CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE***\r\nThe information contained within this Email is confidential and privileged. Dissemination of such without authorization\r\nis strictly prohibited. If you have received this email and you are not the intended recipient please reply with such info\r\nso that we may correct our intended designate email address. THANK YOU for your attention on this matter.
Post by Markus Welby
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