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Advanced Pain Management Phoenix Az Dr. Brian
Respected sir/madam,
Advanced Pain Management Phoenix Az Dr. Brian Page, D.O., Advanced Pain Management\r\n\r\n(623) 466-6350\r\n\r\nI was refered to this facility by my primary doctor. I must admit it was a REAL struggle even trying to schedule an appointment with this place as I called in multiple times, left multiple voicemails in regards to scheduling an appointment and had none of them returned.\r\n\r\nI assumed they were busy or understaffed at the moment, so I tried back some time later. I finally managed to get an appointment with them in January of 2012 and I was prescribed a pain killer which didn\\\\t really help my injuries.\r\n\r\nI have been Xrayed, MRI\\\\d and been to so many doctors it\\\\s getting ridicious. I told the lady Doctor on the second visit that a peticular medication worked for me, but she said she\\\\s not going to prescribe that medication even though it\\\\s not a narcotic and I\\\\ve been on it before in the past.\r\n\r\nI don\\\\t know if she\\\\s on a power trip or what but she\\\\s the most ignorant quack of a doctor I\\\\ve ever visited in my life!\r\n\r\nI then informed her that the Medication she prescribed me the first visit was making me extremely drowsy & tired, also it did not relieve my pain unlike this other medication that I\\\\ve taken. So it was pretty much pointless to be taking that medication.\r\n\r\n\r\nI was then given a prescription for a drug I already had, and also offered another prescription for a drug I\\\\ve previously taken which did NOT work. I don\\\\t know if they keep these on record, but these doctors don\\\\t!\r\n\r\nHad I not known the names of these medications, I would be running around in a little circle of Quack Doctors who do not even write down what the \\\\referring doctor\\\\ prescribed to me. You are all QUACKS\r\n\r\nAdvanced Pain Management Phoenix Az Dr. Brian Page, D.O., Advanced Pain Management\r\n\r\n(623) 466-6350
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