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"Hi, I'm Rachel from cardmember services"
Respected sir/madam,
Missouri based \\\"company\\\" Client Services Inc (CSI) became a suspect in the \\\"Hi, I\\\\m Rachel from card member services\\\" scam in August of 2011. They claim they are \\\"only a third party debt collector\\\". According to their past online advertising, what they were/are selling, re-selling, trading is not Consumer friendly to say the least.\r\n\r\nInquiries were made about CSI\\\\s \\\"affiliate foreign for profit company\\\"- Financial Services Solutions LLC (FSS).\r\n\r\nMeanwhile American Diabetic Assistance LLC (ADA LLC)- no connection to American Diabetes Association, begins an aggressive telemarketing scheme against our area. Evidence suggests they got their \\\"call center services\\\" from CSI, who also has hidden \\\"call center services\\\" in Florida, Kansas, and another \\\"shell company\\\"- Red Leaf Capital LLC in Texas.\r\n\r\nAll three, CSI, FSS, & ADA LLC were requested their TCPA Do not Call policies. Nothing has ever been received.\r\nBAMM! Suddenly FSS goes \\\"Inactive- Surrender of authority\\\", and the website mysteriously disappears!\r\nAnd now ADA LLC\\\\s \\\"affiliate foreign for profit company\\\" Pgkn Inc suddenly shuts down!\r\nWhats going on here?!? Could it be illegal?!?\r\n\r\nMeanwhile the \\\"Rachel-robo-calls\\\" are following patterns of stopping for a while after contacting the Missouri AG office. The office even assures specific \\\"help\\\" regarding the \\\"Rachel-robo-calls\\\". The robo-call recordings slightly change, and the outsourced \\\"representative\\\" becomes domestic \\\"reps\\\". \\\"Live operator\\\" AKA- Mr Davidson becomes active and \\\"Rachel\\\" now adds \\\"have a nice day to the ending.\r\n\r\nThese crooks are abusing loopholes & gray areas of debt collecting laws to commit all kinds of fraud & get around the FTC DNC telemarketing laws.\r\n\r\nAnother perfect example-\r\nThere\\\\s good cause to believe that CSI re-sold the \\\"Rachel-robo-call\\\" to Arizona based Ambrosia Web Design\\\\s (AWD) collection of \\\"affiliate companies\\\". Even after being reported for using several alias names- \\\"Leroy Castine, Chris Ambrosia, Lee Cestine\\\", AWD continues to robo-call.\r\nJust take a look at the available online AZ Sec of State scanned documents. \\\"Ambrosia\\\" fills out all the forms, same handwriting!! He must have forgotten how he signed AFB LLC- \\\"Leroy Castine\\\", & Concord Financial Advisors LLC- \\\"Lee Cestine\\\". Signatures are the same!!\r\nHe signs \\\"Chris Ambrosia\\\" a little different, but the handwriting is the same!!\r\nIsn\\\\t that FRAUD?!? Yet the robo-calls continue...
Post by ThePrizeVan
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