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Ethics of Shawn, the owner.
Respected sir/madam,
Please let me make perfectly clear that this complaint is in reference to shawnsauto1, an e business owned by Shawn Bowers, with packages being sent to customers from 461 S. Harrison Street, Shamokin PA 17872, who is also the owner of Shawn\\\\s Auto, a service facility located at 461 S. Harrison Street, Shamokin, PA 17872. I certainly don\\\\t want anyone to confuse the two businesses, even if they are owned by the same person and operate from the same address and have very similar names, because that might cause harm to Shawn\\\\s Auto, which has never done anything to me. And, even though you the reader can draw your own conclusions, I can not state that the ethics displayed in one business would be present in another business, even if they were owned by the same person. That would be, well, YOU be the judge...\r\n\r\nIn October I purchased an electronic item from an eBay seller, shawnsauto1, (who I believed to be a business). When the item arrived, it was defective. I contacted the seller, Shawn Bowers, and waited several days for a reply. I initiated a claim through eBay, and received a response from Bowers almost immediately, saying he would gladly take care of the problem, but he needed to see pictures. OK, no problem. I sent pictures that night. I received no response, so I wrote Bowers back about a week or so later. He apologized, and said he did not get the pictures, and asked if I would resend them, which I did.\r\n\r\nBy this time, we are getting into the holidays, and having no reason to not trust Bowers, I patiently waited for a response and got none. I wrote back, and he responded that he felt he could fix the item, which would have been fine (still is in fact) with me. . I asked how he wanted me to ship the item, as it was not my fault that the item was misrepresented in the first place. I wanted absolutely no confusion about being remunerated for the cost of shipping the item back to Bowers. Still having no reason to not TRUST (keyword) Bowers, and understanding that the holidays were upon us, I did not sweat that he did not respond right away. I, too, was consumed with the Holiday season, and after all, he seemed TRUSTWORTHY (keyword). After Christmas, I sent him a letter again, this time expressing my concern, but not being accusatory or rude. After all, Bowers seemed to be a person of decent MORALS (keyword)...heck, he even owned two BUSINESSES (keyword).\r\n\r\nI got an automated response from eBay stating that my dispute had been closed. This shocked me! Bowers, whom I felt was not some sort of SHYSTER (keyword) had taken full advantage of the fact that I was NAIVE(keyword) enough to allow him to make no concrete obligations, therefore giving me little legal recourse. I sent him an email, to which he did not respond, a polite request for instructions on shipping the item back and a request that he acknowledge the RESPONSIBILITY (keyword) of making me whole for the damages he caused me in the form of return shipping. After that elicited no response, I sent him a more stern, but affable letter saying that I did not feel it necessary to involve others in out business; that I was confident it was only a slight communication issue.\r\n\r\nTo this, he immediately threatened legal action.\r\n\r\nWith no other recourse available, I contacted the Better Business Bureau. I felt that shawnsauto1 was a legitimate business, as it shared the same address of his auto repair facility. It meets my definition of the word Business: an entity whose purpose is to profit from providing goods or services in return for payment. I felt that just an inquiry from the BBB would nudge Bowers into doing the right thing...MANNING UP (BIG TIME key words) and following through with my many requests to just let me know that he would cover my shipping cost. After all, he was a RESPECTED BUSINESSMAN, who had TWO BUSINESSES...why would he want to not even answer the concerns of a customer?\r\n\r\nHe told the BBB that I did not purchase anything from Shawn\\\\s Auto, of 461 S. Harrison Street, Shamokin PA 17872, but instead from shawnsauto1, of the same address. This is the only reason that I\\\\ve listed both business names here. I don\\\\t want any ill will toward the Shawn Bowers of 461 S Harrison, Shamokin who owns an automotive repair facility. I can\\\\t stress enough that it would be unfair to judge a person by the way he treats a customer in one business if he has more than one business. It would be far fetched and close minded to assume that because a person has no regard for his customers in one business that tha could possibly carry over into another. YOU can be the judge of that.\r\n\r\nBy the way, should Bowers, either through his eBay business shawnsauto1 or his auto business, Shawn\\\\s Auto decide to address my issue and assure me that I will be completely refunded any money I have spent on his defective item, including the return shipping, I will make note of that and reflect it at this and the other consumer sites where you might see this. And, even though they are marked private, and the BBB says I can not reproduce them, I will make the content of his communication available to any who want to see. I\\\\ll also forward the entire email exchange between me and Bowers, with or without his permission.\r\n\r\nIt\\\\s all about ethics.\r\n\r\nIn his response to the
Post by winkangrin64
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