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Respected sir/madam,
WIFE OF WELL KNOWN CHICAGO DIVORCE ATTORNEY ENRICO J. MIRABELLI HAS BEEN FORMALLY CHARGED WITH FRAUD AND THEFT.\r\n\r\nCity of Chicago Employee Charged with Fraud and Theft.\r\n\r\nA Chicago City Employee, Valentina Padilla, also known as Valentina Mirabelli, a.k.a. Valentina Padilla Becerra, has been formally charged with Fraud and Theft relating to the rental of a Million Dollar Condominium which she has purported to own at The Peninsula Vallarta, and Theft of Property over $100, 000.00 in Puerto Vallarta, a resort city on the Pacific West Coast of Mexico.\r\n\r\nValentina Padilla is a familiar figure in the City of Chicago Political Arena and currently holds a position as the Managing Secretary of The Committee on Finance under Alderman Edward Burke of Ward 14 in Chicago. Ms. Padilla faces up to 20 Years incarceration in a Mexican Prison upon conviction for Fraud and Theft. All efforts to locate Ms. Padilla have been thwarted and anyone who knows her whereabouts is asked to contact local Police.\r\n\r\nThe Charges filed against Valentina Padilla Becerra, the name she is currently using in Mexico, allege that she is the purported owner of Condominium 3D at a Luxury Condominium Complex named Peninsula Vallarta in the Hotel Zone. Apparently Ms. Padilla advertised the Condo for rent and eventually entered into a written lease contract with a wealthy Canadian Businessman. Valentina Padilla demanded an advance payment of rent and security deposits totaling almost $15, 000.00 U.S. Dollars, ($200, 000. Mexican Pesos). This money was deposited to her personal bank account and converted to her own use.\r\n\r\nAfter payment of these funds the Canadian tourist was given possession of the condo and allowed to move in with his family and valuable possessions. Suddenly, Ms. Padilla began to come up with various excuses why she was not able to deliver back her signed copy of the lease. She claimed to be out of town, her lawyer was sick, and her children were ill. After two weeks the Canadian returned home to the rented Condo one night and was told by the security guard that he was not allowed entry to the property by order of the owner, Valentina Padilla Becerra, and that the Condo was now rented to someone else.\r\n\r\nMeanwhile, Ms. Padilla or her co-conspirators entered and ransacked the Condo and robbed the Canadian of all of his Cash, Jewelry and Possessions valued at over $100, 000.00. Items stolen included a Diamond and Gold President Rolex Watch valued at over $25, 000.00. Two Diamond Rings valued at more than $20, 000.00 each. Various Gold Necklaces and Bracelets, a Sony Computer, $40, 000.00 in Cash, Canon Cameras, Passports, Credit Cards and Personal Property.\r\n\r\nMs. Padilla has apparently fled Mexico and returned to the United States. Authorities attempted to arrest Ms. Padilla at the Puerto Vallarta Airport but missed their opportunity when her American Airlines Flight was booked by an unidentified third party under a fictitious name. Valentina Padilla is employed by Alderman Ed Burke of Ward 14 and is currently on the Chicago City Payroll and drawing a salary of approximately $60, 000.00 per year. Yet Chicago City operators are unable to locate her.\r\n\r\nHow can a Chicago City Employee afford to buy a $1, 000, 000.00 Luxury Waterfront Villa at one of Mexico\\\\s finest Vacation Resorts in the first place? This is a mystery to everyone. How did Valentina Padilla come by her new found wealth while working in the Finance Department of the City of Chicago? Her Salary is only $60, 000.00 per year it is mathematically impossible. Are the Chicago City Taxpayers footing the bill for Ms. Padilla\\\\s extravagant lifestyle?\r\n\r\nDo we really know where our taxpayer funds are going? How could the City of Chicago even hire a person of such low character? This matter certainly calls for further investigation. All attempts to contact Ms. Padilla for comment have been rebuffed. It seems that Valentina Padilla has a lot more to hide and a lot of explaining to do. Her future with the City of Chicago and her performance on the Finance Committee thus far needs to be reviewed. As taxpayers we need to have an accounting of how our taxes are being spent.\r\n\r\n\r\nClick Here to read other Ripoff Reports on Valentina Padilla
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