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Malpractice in sales and auto loan
Respected sir/madam,
Arlington Kia in palatine, IL is the worst auto dealership i have ever seen, which is part of Bob Rohrman auto group. I went to test drive a used vehicle to this dealership after my 8 hour long work day. After test drive, i liked vehicle and asked about price, they insisted that i give them my vehicle key and then they will estimate the trade in value and after that only they will give final price quote for the vehicle i test drove. I agreed and gave my car to them, they took it to their service shop and thoroughly checked it, ran carfax on my vehicle and did all research. After about an hour they came with price for both, my trade in and the used vehicle which i was going to buy from them. We formally negotiated both and reached to an agreement for the both prices, General manager of dealership agreed upon price and asked me to put my initials on the price which was hand written on a paper, i did accordingly. Based on that price i made decision buying the vehicle and gave all my personal details to them for loan approval, including my bank statements, pay stubs etc. They pre approved me for loan and made me seat waiting in their dealership for another hour, i kept asking sale man about the delay as my wife started calling me and asking how long? salesman said they are doing paperwork and should be done in while, after another few minutes, General manager walked to me saying hey look i am not getting out money of your trade and i can not sell you vehicle for the price we agreed before and he asked me to pay another $ 400 extra on the top of what i made decision of buying vehicle. I agreed to pay $ 200 extra and so did he accepted and went back to his office, another 30 minutes and he came back to me repeating same story, he wanted me to pay another $400 because as per him he was not getting his money out from my trade-in. by this time i had already invested 3 hours in the dealership, wife kept calling, all the paperwork is done for loan, pre-approved... so i thought to raise another $200 dollars. Finally i was paying him total $400 extra then what we both agreed at first, and based on which i made decision of buying a used vehicle from them. At this point i asked general manager about all their fees associated with the sale of vehicle, and he said it\\\\s just $161.99 dollars for the documentation. Again i waited another 30 minutes and finance manager/ business manager called me into his office and explained total amount they are getting as a loan on my account, it was another $399 extra, i asked him what is this, extra $399? and he said it is a Pivotal security plan, that is mandatory for every vehicle buyer at this dealership and general manager should have explained you by now. I refused of having any knowledge and demanded to call general manager in office. General manager walked into office and lied that he has told me about $399 pivotal agreement. lie lie lie, lair. I was so tired and exhausted by then, i refused that general manager has explained anything, but decided to just p[ay another $399 extra and get out of that place. Now business manager wanted me to buy all other kind of coverages where they had commissions that i refused and finally he charged me 2% extra APR on my car loan then what i got approval from Wells Fargo Dealer services, I am not sure if it is legal to charge consumer extra interest, i guess they should get their commission from bank and not the consumer like me. Anyways, next day i called their dealership and asked about pivotal security plan and on two different occasions, they explained me it is offered but not mandatory for any buyer. I have sent them written request to cancel the plan and refund me my $399, also sent a copy to Bob Rohrman, but have not heard anything back from anyone. I will wait few more days and then i am going to complain this to IL attorney general, consumer protection buero.
Post by Dhavalk
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