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False Advertising, Censorship, Immoral Health
Respected sir/madam,
WWW.BALDTRUTHTALK.COM & WWW.BALDTRUTH.COM by Spencer Kobren are fraud !!! Potential patients and advice seekers beware !!! This man uses his forum and radio to promote and profit from health dangerous drug called propecia, as well as advertising and gaining profits from hair transplant procedures. First time patients are falsely advised to use propecia - with a claim of how safe this drug is and how it works for everyone. This drug is dangerous and now officially reported as dangerous by professors, MDs, top 2 US studies - Boston and Washington, Dr. Traish and Dr. Irwig. FDA also says that risks of propecia are very serious. Merck\\\\s website is closed and lawsuits are on their way. Please beware of this website and forum. To protect his financial interests, this man Spencer Kobren uses heavy censorship on his forum and I personally was banned only for stating the truth about the dangers of propecia. Propecia promoters, most likely paid by Merck are the main members on his forum, they are welcome and even their personal insults towards other with different opinion are completely tolerated. Beware of this forum - and - They should be closed down for false advertising, censorship and promotion of hazardous substances. Spencer Kobren\\\\s forum The Bald Truth and his radio show Bald Truth are based on false advertising, lies and are profit only motivated. Customers beware ! Do not put Your health in danger by taking advice from Bald Truth Forum or Bald Truth Radio by Spencer Kobren. I am here to report and expose his fraud.
Post by StressedToTheBald
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