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called the police on me.
Respected sir/madam,
I am a single parent. I have no money for a babysitter. I thought I would make a quick trip to your store and back. I have a three year old son. I knew that if i took my son to the store with me my quick trip would take longer because I would have to watch him. When I left the store I found out a customer reported me to the front desk and they called the police on me because I left my son in the car. The doors were locked so he could not get out or open the door to strangers. The car was turned off. The police officer accused me of child abandonment. She told me this time it was just a warning but if she ever got a call again that I would be charged. This police officer must have nothing better to do and the associate who called the police must be a bad worker for her to call the police on me. The police officer is a bad police officer who likes to use her power to harass and bully people. Good thing she did not arrest me or I would have her badge number. It is none of her business that I left a three year old in the car for one minute so I could shop in peace.
Post by veganchica81
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