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Time Matters!!!!
Respected sir/madam,
First of all their supposed to go by how your support is laid out in your decree, if you have one! In my case the 1st and 15th, which my ex has not missed a pmt for 4yrs, now they dont show any pmts due on e-services till like the 4th and 18th of ea mth, so they give him extra days for pmt to even show up! So its nice how once pmt does show up like the week after that, via check. Mind you this man makes well over $100, 000, and is the military, has at times paid only enough per mth the $400 just so it wouldnt go onto his credit, and because of that he knows they will not wage garnish, and yet again, because of that and his inconsistencies of pmts my 2 children and I no longer have a home to rent! The best thing of all is I submitted a modification for child support last July and have not heard not one word yet! Now my ex has moved and not to be found and is about to retire beginning of April! I called 4 times about this modification, and went to the office, and they just told me it was being looked into!!So 8 mths after the fact, and time to me was of the essence, and now their gonna have a grand time finding him!!! Child Enforcement does not charge him late fee\\\\s, yet when I get on the phone they treat me like Im dumb, for one thing Im not new at this, Ive been divorced for 5yrs now, I know how my pmts are supposed to come into me! So these people that they have answering the phones need to step dwn to a reality level!!!Updates on submitted papers or anything need to be sent out to the parents once in awhile, and there would be less volume of calls!!
Post by Girlygirl1992
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