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Bad Software, Zero Support
Respected sir/madam,
I purchased a new LG Blu Ray Optical Drive with the Cyberlink Bundled Software \\\"Blu-Ray Suite\\\". I couldn\\\\t get Power Producer, one of the 6 software programs in the bundle to install on my brand new computer. I tried to get support from Cyberlink but unless you pay for phone support there is no way to contact tech support live. I don\\\\t believe I should have to pay for phone support to install a product. I\\\\ve been in the computer industry for over 20 years and have a fairly high level of technical expertise, I\\\\ve purchased lots of software over the years, and have NEVER had to pay for product support. I submitted a support request via the Cyberlink website and their response, after several days, was for me to contact LG for support, that LG had modified the software to suit their drive. I contacted LG and they were very helpful but said Cyberlink had to be contacted for my issue. The drive was working fine and had no issues which I also verified. After submitting another support request via the Cyberlink website, again there\\\\s no way to contact a live person in tech support, Cyberlink said that if LG suggested I contact them that I might get some support. I included my chat log with LG, showing LG said Cyberlink would be needed to resolve my issue, in my next Cyberlink request. I then got another vanilla response saying I have bundled software and to contact the drive manufacturer. I have made a half dozen requests to Cyberlink for support, waited several days after each request for a response, and received nothing but vanilla responses and the run around. I\\\\ve never once gotten any response that addresses my problem with loading the Cyberlink software. I\\\\ve unistalled the entire Blue Ray Suite and tried to reinstall several times. I\\\\ve deleted all the Cyberlink registry entries and tried to reinstall. I still have problems loading the Cyberlink software and still have never gotten a shred of help from Cyberlink. The last response I got from them was almost verbatim the same as the second response telling me to seek support from the drive manufacturer. Several of my request even ask how I might contact a live person in tech support but the response I got from Cyberlink totally ignored that portion of my support request. At this point I\\\\ve wasted over 10 hours installing, uninstalling, investigating, and reinstalling the Cyberlink Blu-Ray Suite software without 100 percent success and ZERO support from Cyberlink. It would be my suggestion to anyone that reads this NOT TO BUY ANY CYBERLINK SOFTWARE. YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY SUPPORT FROM CYBERLINK WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT (and from what I\\\\ve read from others on the internet and in blogs) EVEN THE PAID SOFTWARE SUPPORT (I believe it\\\\s $30 for 2 weeks support) IS ABOUT USELESS. I am now reviewing other software and freeware to use with my new blu-ray drive. I have given up with Cyberlink and will not contact them further. If they happen to get back to me with a resolution as a result of my last request to them I will update this post otherwise AVOID CYBERLINK LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!
Post by uplayhard2
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