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My elderly aunt, who lives on the west coast, had a deadbeat tenant living in her house in Trenton. She wanted him evicted and I agreed to help her out.\r\nI did a Google search for Property managers in Trenton and that is how I found Trenton Property Management. We got off to a good start and within three months, they had the deadbeat tenant evicted. I was very pleased.\r\nAt this point, services started going downhill. The tenant who was evicted brought in one months rent for $750 but the money mysteriously disappeared. It took me two months and four requests to get my money back!\r\nThe property manager had to get the house ready for rent and got a bid of $3, 500, which I promptly paid. The money was to be used to get the house ready for inspection after which a new tenant would be moved in. After three months of false promises and delays blamed on the Department of Inspections, I came to the conclusion that something was wrong. I called Hamilton Township and asked how long it takes to get an inspection and they told me it takes three or four days!\r\nIt was at this point, I realized that Trenton Property Management was deceiving me so I terminated their services the next day and hired a new property manager. He went out to the property and reported to me that the house had not been properly prepped for inspection. There was a worker there who was complaining he had allegedly not yet been paid because Chris Carlino told him that I hadn’t paid yet. It was then obvious that the reason the house was never inspected was because the property manager failed to get it ready for inspection. My new property manager called and scheduled an inspection a few days later and it failed miserably.\r\nWhen I called Trenton Property Management to ask for a partial refund for the work not completed, the owner, Mr. Chris Carlino became very agitated, raised his voice and hung up on me.\r\nI have also heard through the grapevine that when Trenton Property Management submits a bid to a client, they allegedly add on another $500 for themselves but it is hearsay and I have no way to verify this. I will say, however, that it came from a very reliable source.\r\nI would advise potential landlords who are in need of a property manager to avoid Trenton Property Management. Otherwise, “you’ll be sorry”.
Post by mrob1515
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