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Never Go there!
Respected sir/madam,
Well first off never go to this school ever. I thought maybe some people were just jealous because I was going to nursing school but no they were actually being really honest. Everyone is so nice when you sign up and begin class and then BOOM they start treating you like crap because now they have your money. They treat everyone even adults older than them like little kids. You have to sit in alphabetical order and you are spoken down to all day everyday. I don\\\\t understand how the school wants you to fail when they won\\\\t get the full amount of the ridiculous $32, 000 which should be $5, 000 at the most for that school. Community college is 1 million times better. Lab skills they teach you for what you\\\\re actually going to do on a real life patient consist of them showing you maybe a quick video or showing you very quickly on a dummy and then you\\\\re supposed to have it mastered and do it on real people in the nursing homes! Scary! At clinicals all you do is CNA work. So be prepared to wash patients, toilet patients and change diapers and feed them all day! Great $32, 000 nursing skills. I didn\\\\t know this. The books are horrible. They are not detailed at all but the tests are given and you\\\\re supposed to know the details. They gave me an interview to see if I had the right mind set to be a nurse BUT then they accepted anybody off the street into their program. People from prior mods/semesters have said that they were failed out due to teacher error so you have to review every test of which you can\\\\t take home and you must remember all that you got wrong because you\\\\re not allowed to write down the answers. & then those questions that the majority of the class got wrong are the questions that are used on midterms and finals. They tell you what to not worry about on a test and then they put it on the exam and say oh well afterwards. You have to stay after and review every test because every test they mark answers wrong that are right. The teachers don\\\\t help you and one actually wouldn\\\\t answer questions days prior to a test in case it was on the test. Aren\\\\t what you teach us anyways on the test? How confusing that day was for me! The teachers are all nasty and have attitudes. God forbid you even cough during attendance. And if you ever try to explain yourself you get marked absent and targetted and they retaliate against you. People they don\\\\t like have right answers marked wrong. This happened for pretty much every test. Myself and others were being accused of timing out of the program because teachers marked us wrong on purpose and then we have to go down and see the bitch Ms Baker, the nursing coordinator, or whatever she is. She is an evil bitch let me tell you. She lies and says students do things so they can get kicked out. If you go to her and say you don\\\\t feel good, they force you into a medical leave. And if you fail out they say you can come back and then they give you a hard time to return. So all of the people who fail out end up having to go elsewhere or waiting months and months just to try to come back. The dean is worthless. He doesn\\\\t return calls.Attendance is taken every hour and they mess that up. You\\\\re not given much time to be absent. You can be kicked out if you go past 12 hours absent. Imagine 12 hours only to be out in 13 weeks.They don\\\\t care what\\\\s going on either so don\\\\t ask. The staff is all miserable. No one is friendly. Just take this advice and run with it, far far away and tell everyone you know. Go to community college or state run programs. It\\\\s not worth the $32, 000 loan.
Post by Brandon Ceaser
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