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AnDrew Towers
Respected sir/madam,
Snatcher 2 Drew Towers SCAMMERS\r\n\r\nAfter reading several forum posts my Drew Towers proclaiming his domain drop catching software better than all his competition I went to his website and purchased his software called Snatcher 2 on February 27, 2012. Immediately after installing this software I realized it didn\\\\t run for more than 1 minute before shutting down.\r\n\r\nI emailed the owner of the software Drew Towers explaining his software doesn\\\\t run more than 1 minute. He waited a full day (until February 28) before responding asking me to change a setting in his software. I followed his recommendation and the software still ran just over 1 minute before stopping. Again I emailed him the results I saw and told him what I think the error was. See my email below:\r\n\r\nDefault Re: SNATCHER 2.2.4 - The Auto-Updating, Multi-Registrar, API and non-API Dropcatching Software\r\nI purchased this software\r\n\r\nDate of Purchase: February 27, 2012\r\nTransaction ID: 1VV656532T381350L\r\n\r\nAlmost immediately I saw the software would not run more than 1 minute during any drop catching session. Like the member above posted, the software always says the domain is available (even when it isn\\\\t) and starts hammering Dynadot\\\\s API to try and register the domain even if it\\\\s not available. It will do this 30 times and then say it gave up. So basically it runs 1 minute (30 tries taking 2 seconds per try) and then says it gave up.\r\n\r\nI emailed Drew on the 27th after seeing the error and waited until 4pm on the 28th for a response. He suggested I try a different server selection in the software\\\\s dropdown list. I was optimistic as I just left all the settings at their default settings. However that didn\\\\t change a thing. So I emailed him after working with the software from 4pm until midnight.\r\n\r\nHere is the email I sent early morning (12:10am) Feb 29 explaining to Drew, the developer, the error I saw and my interpretation of the error:\r\n\r\nOn Feb 29, 2012, at 12:10 AM, \\\"Jody Slabaugh\\\" <\r\nwrote:\r\n\r\nHey Drew,\r\n\r\nI switched the WHOIS server to N3TWORK and I\\\\m seeing the same error.\r\nSpecifically:\r\n\r\n<strong[10:48:55]</strong domain availability detected.\r\n(<THIS IS NOT TRUE) Proceeding to register with Dynadot API.\r\nok,\r\nnot_available, ,\r\n\r\n[10:48:55] Domain availabity detected by WHOIS server.\r\ still not seen as available for registration at Dynadot.*\r\nPAUSING FOR 1 SECOND BEFORE RETRYING *\r\n<strong[10:48:55]</strong domain availability\r\ndetected. (<THIS IS NOT TRUE) Proceeding to register with Dynadot API.\r\nok,\r\nnot_available, ,\r\n\r\nIt looks like it attempts each 30 times and stops. So I\\\\m not sure if\r\nI\\\\m interpreting this correctly but it looks like n3twork is saying\r\navailablity is detected so the Dynadot API is being hammered once a\r\nsecond trying to register the domain thinking it\\\\s truly available.\r\nHowever I purposely inserted a pending drop that doesn\\\\t drop for another\r\n5 hours so the WHOIS should have reported the domain isn\\\\t available and\r\nnot made the Dynadot API request.\r\n\r\nAm I interpreting the script action correctly? I know the time windows\r\nof the drops but they can certainly vary more than 30 seconds which will\r\nmake the tool miss more than it ever catches. I\\\\m not looking to stay up\r\nall hours of the day and night to manually run the script over and over\r\nbecause the WHOIS is saying the domain is available when it\\\\s not.\r\n\r\nPlease let me know if I\\\\m missing something here. I don\\\\t see how this\r\nscript can catch drops running just in a 30 second window because WHOIS\r\nis mis-reporting the availability.\r\n\r\nThanks,\r\n\r\nJody\r\n\r\nHere was Drew\\\\s response to my email:\r\n\r\nFrom: \\\"Drew Towers\\\" <>\r\nSent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 11:51 PM\r\nTo: \\\"Jody Slabaugh\\\" <>\r\nSubject: Re: Support\r\n\r\nNot interpreting the action of the script even anywhere close to\r\ncorrectly.\r\n\r\nBesides you are chasing .info domains if I am not mistaken.\r\n\r\nGoing to bed, will try to make sense of this tomorrow. I would personally\r\nsuggest trying it out at 2 pm tomorrow with .com and .net domains (which\r\nare actually worth) something. You can query sitespotter for some good\r\nnames to go after.\r\n\r\n\r\nBut your interpretation of the logic behind snatcher is so far off I dont\r\nreally know what to tell you. I should save the trouble of an explanation\r\nand give a refund now I suppose.\r\n\r\nThanks,\r\n\r\nDrew/\r\nSent f/rom my iPhone\r\n\r\nI was in shock and decided to sleep on his reply before constructing a response. Here is my refund request sent 02/29/2012 13:53\r\n\r\nHello Drew,\r\n\r\nSorry to have bothered you with all of this. Please save yourself the\r\ntrouble and just issue a refund. I\\\\m deleting your software from my server\r\nright now. It now doesn\\\\t function at all (I tried for 40 mins and all it\r\nsays is Starting a session and then nothing else) and I really don\\\\t want to\r\nbe insulted anymore. I\\\\ll find another solution, save myself the insults\r\nand save you time explaining how your product is suppose to work.\r\n\r\nSorry it didn\\\\t work out.\r\n\r\nBest regards,\r\n\r\nJody\r\n\r\nI have not heard a thing from Drew since his email sent early morning on Feb 29, 2012. I\\\\ve sent 3 more emails since that time and Drew hasn\\\\t responded to any of them. He\\\\s arguing against my PayPal dispute saying his software works as advertised. Really? You advertised somewhere your software only runs one minute trying to catch a domain that drops somewhere in a 1 hour window?\r\n\r\nPayPal has denied my claim and sided with this scammer. Now he\\\\s closed my account, disabled the software and stolen my $99 in the matter of just 3 days since I paid.\r\n\r\nWhatever you do, do not send this guy a PayPal payment unless you want to see your money disappear. His software doesn\\\\t work and he will not honor a refund even if you request it 3 days after purchase.\r\n
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