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Respected sir/madam,
I was called by a company called {CRAZY 88} i called off tv about getting a car for $88 down and $88 a month and i was told i was approve for a car and if i go to AIC OF MANASAS i can get a car the lady {Carmen } told me if i come with in 48 hours i pay no tax & tittle or process fee, when i got there no one acted like they knew what i was talking about, they said {crazy88} is just an outside company that tells people things to get them in the door . Then i spent 6 hrs there while they tried to get me approve witch they did then i was sold a warranty for 2500 that was a scam to get more money it was a power train warranty only for 2yrs and 24000 miles my car is a Nissan altima 2009 with 39000 miles it has a bumper to bumper warranty for 66000 mile so i still have 21000 miles with no deductible . i called the next day and told them i wanted to cancel it and i was told to talk to Andy then Andy put me on the phone with a CORRY BATES AND THEN HE CURSED ME OUT AND TOLD ME IF I CANCEL THE WARRENTY BRING BACK THE {F\\\\IN } CAR THEY WILL CANCEL THE DEAL . FIRST THEY SAID {CAPITAL ONE} made me buy the warranty i called capital one and that was a lie when{CAPITAL ONE } CALLED THE WARRENTY COMPANY THEY COULD NOT FIND MY INFO FOR WARRENTY. So i had Capital One call dealership on three way and then we talked to TONY in finance he hurried up and put us on hold then Chris got on phone he is the {GM} AND HE CHANGED IT ALL ARROUND SAYING TONY MIS SPOKE AND THAT CAPITAL ONE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS WARRENTY. THIS IS SUCH A SCAM SO I WILL BE SUEING THE DEARERSHIP IF THIS WARRENTY IS NOT CANCELED . THEY ALSO HAD A CHECK FROM ME THAT I HAD TO WRITE TO DMV FOR 200 FOR TAGS AND THEN ON THE 15TH OF MARCH I GOT A CALL FROM TONY ASKING ME TO BRING HIM $199.99 FOR MY TAGS THAT THEY DID NOT USE MY CHECK MY SON TOLD THEM WE DONT USE CASH WE WOULD BRING THEM A CERTIFIED CHECK FROM CREDIT UNION . AND TONY SAID HE WILL GIVE MY SON OTHER CHECK BACK, SHAWN { MY SON } WENT TO DEALERSHIP AND GAVE THEM THE CHECK AND GOT THE TAGS HE FORGOT TO GET OTHER CHECK SO WE CALLED DIANE THE LADY WHO DEALS WITH THE TAGS SHE SAID SHE USED THE CHECK AND TONY WENT HOME, THEY WERE TRING TO GET ME TO GIVE THEM CASH BUT THAT DID NOT WORK { SO NEVER PAY WITH CASH TO THIS DEALERSHIP ALWAYS USE CHECK OR CREDIT CARD}
Post by Doitaa
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