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blocking gas pumps
Respected sir/madam,
At the Sams club gas pumps this vehicle was blocking 2 gas pumps by being directly in between two. The other lanes were full with cars waiting. Before hand, his vehicle was in front of me and I was behind him. As the one in front of him left after fueling, The dent removal vehicle pulls up a tad bit and stops right between the pumps. He gets out of his car and starts walking away. I wave, \\\\move\\\\ up and he flips me off. The driver walks 2 pumps over to talk to a woman and he starts to PERFORM THE DENT REMOVAL ON HER CAR!!! Mean while, they are cars are going around her as she ignores the people giving her looks. I go around his car and get as close as I could to the pump since his nose of his truck was Right next to the 2nd pump. I finish pumping gas and he\\\\s still working on the ladies car in the next 2 rows, meanwhile a car pulls behind him. I point to that driver and say, \\\\He\\\\s fixing her car\\\\ and point to him. I finish fueling, write his and her info down and start to move up. Meanwhile the driver behind him honks and throws a fit yelling at him to \\\\move his damn car.\\\" AS I was driving away, the dent removal driver flips me the bird again. Very unprofessional. They also had no phone number on the car, only \\\\Got Dents\\\\ in the back an the side it read. \\\\Dent-al removal mobile auto bod pdr LP# BL92697. vehicle number 007.
Post by fionfe
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