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Relocation of business lines&DSL internet
Respected sir/madam,
Coordinated an office move of a regional office. Made sure the phones and internet would be the first thing to be relocated. Since not all locations have landlines, had to ask for jacks be installed. Ok. The date came and the tech was supposed to have it all done between 9am and 1pm. Guy shows up at 10-10:30am. Putters around outside for thirty minutes then disappears. Comes back about 40 minutes later and says there\\\\s some issue with a box down the street. (?) He would be back first thing the next morning. Ok. So, to be sure, I call AT&T to confirm that they will indeed be out early the next day. They say yes it\\\\s all set up. So, it\\\\s now 3pm on the second day and I have called them twice. Once at 7:45-8am to confirm once again, since this is a regional office. I\\\\m a little concerned about no phone or internet for two days. Again they say yes it is down for a tech to come out. So, I wait. Now it\\\\s 2:20pm. I call AT&T again. I get a girl in Louisville, KY. BTW, the reps trying to help are not from New Orleans and they totally understand my anguish. She puts me on hold and tries to get ahold of anyone in the offices here in New Orleans. Mind you it is 2:20pm in the afternoon. (not 5:10pm or 7:59am) The AT&T reps have to check in with you every two minutes when you are on hold. Needless to say, it took around 20-30 minutes before she could get ahold of anyone in this city. She cannot believe that I had not heard from a technician. Nada, Nothing, Zilch, No calls, No one at the door. Finally, she gets ahold of someone at the New Orleans office who tells her it\\\\s too late in the day to come out. (Ok I\\\\m livid now) I mean...I was supposed to get service yesterday for Christ\\\\s sake. Does everyone in New Orleans start work at 9 and quit at 2. No wonder they have so much trouble down here. At any rate the rep, being in an office in Louisville, KY, can only do so much for me sitting down here on my idle rear (no phones or internet so who can work) waiting on the New Orleans office to send someone out. I have to give her credit, she was going to try to send in a \\\"new\\\" request to get someone out here. At least she is giving it the old college try. Better than I can say for the AT&T /BellSouth bunch in New Orleans. So, as it stands, I am now still waiting (cobwebs on my phones) and soon it will be going on the third day without business phones or internet for communication. And you know what is ironic, I wouldn\\\\t even be down here except our company is here assisting with building/reinforcing levee walls for \\\"these people\\\". But, hey, guess what, if I don\\\\t get my calls or if I\\\\m not able to send correspondence to the Corp, then hey no skin off my nose. Walls get built, walls don\\\\t get built. Que sera sera.\r\nAs for the New Orleans branch of BellSouth...I hope you own a boat.
Post by djb345g
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