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Unwarranted Repossession
Respected sir/madam,
After being laid off, I filed for bankruptcy, but opted to keep my vehicle as I was up on the payments. This morning I awakened to my husband telling me that either my Toyota truck had been stolen or repossessed. After being transferred to several different numbers to only find out that the people I needed to speak with would not be in the office until 8am (PST), I called my local police department since I am in the EST time zone. It was confirmed that it had indeed been repossessed. My problem is not that I could not make the payments, but that I do not receive monthly statements regarding my account. After calling during normal business hours, I was told once your account is under the bankruptcy umbrella, you no longer receive statements. Okay, strike one. If this is the case, then why during 2011 did I receive approximately 4 out of the year? Of course, the rep did not have an answer for this mishap. With them having all of my information from home address, mailing address, home phone and even email, no one attempted to contact me. Strike two. Now I have to wait until Monday in order to find out the total cost of my vehicle plus recovery costs because I cannot go back on a monthly payment plan. This amount I will need to have within 20 days. Strike three. Now that my bankruptcy has been discharged, they were very clear in letting me know that if I do not pay the costs, I will be held liable. This is completely unacceptable and should not be the case. This situation would not exist if it were not for their complete disregard for and lack of communication. I am not sure who I need to contact, but it will not end here.
Post by MsKellyCreecy
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