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Lease Deposit Not Refunded
Respected sir/madam,
After 15 months of leasing the home at 506 W. Gulf Court from Skinner Commercial (dba, I moved out due to relocation to the Island of Jamaica. We always paid our rent on time, kept the place in impeccable condition, and gave the required 30 days notice prior to moving out. When we did the walk through prior to moving out, the Property Management Rep, Rhonda Thompson, assured us that our security deposit would be returned almost in it\\\\s entirety (we pointed out 2 things to her that needed repair. One of the banister supports from the stairs, and a small hole in one of the doors). Two months went by and no check was received. When I phoned her to inquire about the security deposit, she quickly replied that none was forthcoming. When I asked her why, she stated that the carpet had had to be replaced. I explained that prior to moving in, the carpet had been stained by the previous tenants and we had declined to having it replaced (this was all noted on the initial walk-through checklist). She asked me to give her a few minutes, and that she would call me back. After 30 minutes I received an MMS Text from her saying that the reason our deposit was not being refunded was due to repainting of the whole interior of the house, as well as for garbage removal (she attached a photo of what looks like an invoice which was too small for me to view). I responded to her that we were not responsible for ordinary wear and tear, so the repainting of the interior was not our responsibility, and also asked what garbage she was referred to, as we removed EVERYTHING when we moved out. She was unable to give me an answer, but replied that I was welcome to put my complaint in writing so that she could take it up with the owner of the home. I explained that since she was our only rep and our only contact, it would be a waste of time (especially considering she was the one who did the walk-through and verbally told us that most of our deposit would be returned). I have already filed a complained with the BBB for that area and will continue to express my concerns about this company\\\\s fraudulent dealings on any public forum I am able to.
Post by glengarden
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