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Respected sir/madam,
There is huge difference between outright usury and disregard for consumers\\\\rights and neglience. if the aforementioned was imposed on a struggling person attempting to cure the problem. if this entity label itself as a model company, that would be more outrageous.\r\nI was victim of this usury when I attempted to recover my car that was impounded by my lender, Hyundai Motor Finance. My debt was 947.05 which included penalties, late payments surchages, reinstatement fees, and so on. They only accepted payment via Moneygram, Western Union and even gave me different versions to confuse you more.\r\nI paid the due amount and I had to face another wall. I owed them $ 400.00 plus 9.99 fee for Money Gram transfer fee because they only take cash not credit card or other payments. This was for towing fee. I calculated the fee based on the distance from my house (street where they pick up the vehicle to the storage lot). based on Google map, the distance is only 4.8 miles roughly 13 minutes. That is roughly $ 83 per mile. City of Los Angeles charge $ 114.50/hr for standard vehicle (mine is 2009 Hyundai Sonata) and give and take 20 minutes plus another 20 minutes for securing the car, that not comes to $ 76. However, I had to pay 5.26 times the rate that the city of Los Angeles charge for towing cars. Since the car was within the city boundaries, I should be protected from this usury law.\r\nHyundai sent me a letter 6 days after (the car was taken at night of 12 and the letter was received on the 17th) ordering the impound with threats to sell the car at auction.\r\n\r\nStorage Fees\r\n\r\nThe car was towed and taken at 10:30 PM of April 12th and retrieved on the 19th at 1:20 PM which makes 8 days of storage. This method of calculating favors the garage and tow operators and not you.\r\nThe garage also charged me $ 95.00 for storing my personal property for 3 days (actually two days because I went the next day to get my folders with important documents). They don\\\\t lose any chance of making money off you. This is America and we all get ripped off. I had to wait 20 minutes outside while they retrieved my stuff from the car. This does not make sense to me.\r\nWhen I confronted the supervisor on why I was being overcharged $ 32/day storage fee when the letter that your company sent says that I am only required to pay the rate of $ 15.00, he evaded responsibility by telling me that HMF does not control the rate and only PAS, its contractor, who hid their charges of $ 75.00 to the final bill bringing my total fee of $969.00 higher than the amount that was in behind. They conveniently put behind their contractors while letting all the abuses go unchecked. The supervisor acted as if he did not know what was going on when HMF is known to be after late payments like a bulldog calling me several times at early morning. We would ask me why I paid the high fees at the end ? I had no choice. I needed the car to meet clients to make sales to not fall behind payments to HMF.
Post by westernagent
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