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Respected sir/madam,
Wife went in for an oil change, explained that the 98 Jimmy had recently been serviced, was told that the vehicle was in danger of failure, manufacturer recommended: radiator flush, engine flush, trans. flush, injector cleaning, etc. She was intimidated and agreed. All these recommendations ARE LIES. General Motors explicitely recommends that you DO NOT flush the engine as particles of gunk may dislodge and clog the oil pick up, the machines used by Jiffy Lube for flushing the radiator might damage the cooling system, the machine used by Jiffy Lube to clean out the transmission might damage the transmission, the chemicals used to clean the injectors might damage the injectors. All these procedures are advised against and especially by Jiffy Lube. She left $322 poorer for a $40 oil change. The car did not make it home without losing most of the coolant as Jiffy Lube blew out the water pump-$340 for my reputable mechanic to replace-the same mechanic my wife referred to who had verified a few months earlier that the trans fluid was OK. Ward Huntley, the owner of South Lubes reiterated the lies about the \\\\manufacturers recommendation\\\\ through his district manager. I will be spending my anger spreading the gospel, Jiffy Lube is incompetant and dangerous, they lie and intimidate to sell unnecessary procedures, they do not know enough to touch a car. Take the extra time and find a reputable and licensed mechanic to perform these things. Any ideas and support will be appreciated. These guys must be stopped.
Post by MacPaz
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