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Nothing but a SCAM
Respected sir/madam,
Along with so-called \\\"tech schools\\\", Sallie Mae, Texas Guarantee, and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools, the Federal Student Aid office is nothing but a SCAM for the government to bilk people out of MORE money.\r\n\r\nI got conned into a \\\"tech school\\\", which was a complete fraud, and NONE of these agencies would listen to me! I was lied to and conned into some government \\\"school loans\\\" by this \\\"tech school\\\", and when I tried to get a refund or find some help in exposing these liars and cheats, I was told \\\"there is nothing we can do\\\".\r\nFor years thats all I have ever gotten from these scam artists, \\\"theres nothing we can do\\\". Lawyers refuse to touch them because its the you are just F***ED if you ever sign up for anything from these thieves!!\r\n\r\nWOW! Must be a SUPER nice job to just sit there all day and do nothing but mail out letters to people in extreme need of justice and help, that just say \\\"theres nothing we can do\\\", and GET PAID FOR IT BY OUR TAX DOLLARS! Talk about feeling raped and left for dead!\r\n\r\nSomeone told me to contact my local state representative, and I did. And you know what? I was RIGHT!!\r\n\r\nMy local state representative told me that ALL of these agencies are nothing but a government scam to get people to apply for loans so they can get SCREWED OUT OF AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE! My state rep also stated that all of these \\\"organizations\\\" work together in efforts to lie, cheat, and say anything to you to sign one of their loans! Talk about Mafia tactics!!\r\n\r\nMy state rep told me that going through a bank or ANY kind of OTHER organization is better than getting ANY kind of \\\"government loan\\\" from any \\\"government\\\" source. They will lie to your face and tell you anything you want to hear, in order to get you to sign one of their loans...then they just dont give a rats ass about you anymore, because you are F***ED and theres NOTHING you can do about it!\r\n\r\nDONT EVER use any of these \\\"organizations\\\"!!! They are corrupt and will take you for all they can get you for.
Post by dan 293
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