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No Official and Formal Commencement and Gradu
Respected sir/madam,
My twin brother is working on achieving his Bachelor\\\\s Degree in Internet Marketing and I just learned that IADT Online based in Tampa, \\\\FL does not offer their online students a formal\\\\graduation commencement ceremony so their students do not get the opportunity of celebratong their major accomplishments. I earned my MBA online through another school and as a full-time online student, I was able to graduate with the students that were graduating from the on campus programs location in the city where I live. IADT does not even make this option available to their online students. To my understanding, their graduation commencement is some video online where these IADT students do not even get the honor and excitement of wearing a cap and gown and any of the honors accessories if earned. IADT Online needs to rethink their graduation commencement options for their online students because these students work extremely hard for their varied degrees just as much, if not more so, than the students who earned their degrees on campus at the wide array of IADT campuses nationwide. I truly hope that IADT Online changes things by the time my brother graduates in 2014. I would be more than happy to share more of how my MBA Graduation Commencement Ceremony was handled and it is a memory that I will cherish forever. IADT Online needs to do the very same for their online students--they earned and they deserve it!!!
Post by John Dolkhart jr
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