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USA Law Clearly Shows Slander From Rip Report
Respected sir/madam,
JIO LUCCI: Victim::: SLANDERER USING DESPICABLE TACTICS To Harass: Security to crackdown\r\n\r\n* security12909 iNTERNET, 28th of April 2012 3:00 Pm\r\n* event date-time: Saturday, April 28 2012 12:00 PM\r\n\r\nSECURITY: 223: Presented to a CA> Superior Ct Judge to View: DEFINITION: SLANDER 56 posts all TAGGED : by INTERNET SECURITY VICTIM: Jio Lucci (PERSON) definition: the one posting False written malice on the internet\r\n\r\n(ID: PERSON) is in Violations of California and United States Sections Codes Person who is committing these malicious false posts was ordered to stop: Continues Person has violated acts of slander against: Jio Lucci and used the internet as a tool Both Civil and criminal penalties will be sought after : the (PERSON)\r\n\r\nIn the state of California slander (California Civil Code § 46) is rectified in civil court. The tort test for slander is a simple five-part examination that you apply to your own circumstances to determine of a case exists. This is the same test that a jury would apply in considering a civil judgment: If posts continue: criminal violations may apply\r\n\r\n1) Is there evidence that the defendant made a false oral or spoken statement concerning the plaintiff? Yes Libel: written Posted on Internet 56 xs VICTIM: JIO LUCCI 4-28-2012\r\n\r\n2) Is there evidence that the statement was defamatory, i.e., that it had the capability of harming the plaintiff\\\\s reputation if it were believed? YES: posted 56 malicious posts against Coach Jio Lucci VICTIM: Jio Lucci 4-28-2012\r\n\r\n3) Is there evidence that the defendant communicated that statement to a person other than the plaintiff? YES: Used The INTERNET AS A TOOL plus paid a Company to ADDITIONAL post and paid them Victim: Jio Lucci 4-28-2012\r\n\r\n4) Is there evidence that the defendant knew the defamatory statement was false, OR acted in reckless disregard as to whether the statement were false or not? ALL Malicious Defamatory statement: Per Section Code 46 Libel Slander Victim: Jio Lucci 4-28-2012\r\n\r\n5) Is there evidence that the plaintiff suffered actual harm of a pecuniary nature, i.e., suffered a financial loss, as a result of the defamatory statement being made and believed by a third person, OR if there is no actual financial harm, does the slander take the form of either a) Statements imputing morally culpable criminal behavior . YES : The (person) is attempting to harm, mislead Coach Jio Lucci Clients, harm him in the industry: Victim: Jio Lucci 4-28-2012\r\n\r\nADDED: (PERSON) using Falsified WORDS (BEYOND THE REALM of Dispute , if any) Identity Theft: posted Jio Lucci personal information: (attached written slander) Thief Theft Con man P--- Filth More to be provided: Using \\\"kids\\\" as a tool to DETOUR THE PARENT.\r\n\r\nPERSON now Identified as: SLANDERER evil and unlawful act: to harm the reputation of Jio Lucci\r\n\r\n.......punitive damages/ revenue damages ______________________________\r\n\r\nThis Person who is maliciously harassing Jio Lucci on the Internet Posts was asked in a CIVIL MANNER to stop, remove. This was an attempt to give the person a chance for all written posts removed and disolved. In any DISPUTE ( IF ANY), no matter what the argument or situation is, THIS PERSON IS IN TOTAL VIOLATION OF CA Section CODE 46 : Libel Slander. In the event that the (PERSON) continues posts, it will be construded and prosecuted as criminal addition to civil.\r\n\r\nKent L Legal / Attorney w/ Security/ Internet GOOGGLE Assistance
Post by Sammy Davy
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