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Respected sir/madam,
The wendys on san jose next to the sun tire in jax fla is nasty dirty and the employees are rude loud and very disrecpectful also there manager named edward with the greasy hair is nasty to the customers as well as the employees i heard him curse at an employee and i called the 800 number and he still there the store is very very dirty they serve half cooked burgers and chicken fries always cold that is the worst place to eat and if its the last place on earth to eat i would rather die i just thought ppl should know.\r\n\r\nWe went through the drive through to order food. At the location of 2525 Barrett Parkway, Marietta Ha. We asked if there were regular chicken nuggets on your 99 cent menu. They told us no, and told us the price of the nuggets. We ordered regular nuggets AND spicy nuggets. We got both spicy nuggets. While I was checking the order, we saw the mistake and had to drive back. We had not recieved a receipt for our order. We wanted to change out the nuggets and these people where so rude!\r\n\r\nNot only did they basically call us liars when we told then the mix up. They wouldn’t even switch them out with charging the extra 30 cents. It is 30 cents! How rude could this entire crew be over nuggets and 30 cents? Sorry wendys, if you are struggling so much that you have to keep people like this on your staff and get your thirty cents when this crew messed up. Then you can keep them, and loose this customer instead.
Post by Almoker
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