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PurseN is a rip off of Purseket, Induces chil
Respected sir/madam,
ATTENTION HARDEEP AHLUWALIA MELAMED SISTER TO DRUG ADDICT OF WEST HOLLYWOOD HARMEET AHLUWALIA DID NOT invent the purse organizer! It was CREATED by Purseket! THAT IS WAY BETTER AND IS BETTER QUALITY! IF YOU HARDEEP think you invented this and it really is not a rip off of the PURSEKET than you are more mentally disturbed than your drug addict sister HARMEET AHLUWALIA GOOGLE HARMEET AHLUWALIA OF WEST HOLLYWOOD people and you will see what HARDEEP CAUSED\r\nWhy did you make your husband quit his job? did you get tired of him cheating on you constantly so you had to be able to watch him?? DON\\\\T WORRY HE STILL HAS HIS AFTERNOON DELIGHTS FROM WHAT I HEARD.\r\n\r\nALSO THANKS FOR THE BIGGER YOU LOOK \\\"FATTER\\\" IN IT.\r\n\r\n\r\nHardeep \\\"Ahluwalia\\\" Melamed is plain and simple a BIG Fat A** She is running the biggest racket with that PurseN company. The POORLY made PurseN products are assembled by underprivileged children in China, who are starving and work 23 hours a day for the smallest pay, while Hardeep Ahluwalia Melamed pigs out at the nearest buffet. Does everyone know about hardeep\\\\s crazy drug addict sister Harmeet, in West Hollywood?? Harmeet Ahluwalia LIVED in West Hollywood, she lost her house AND her juvenile delinquent son due to her drugs and stupidity. She continues to say it was a fraud conspiracy by her Attorney, Boyfriend, realtor, West Hollywood D.A., commissioner, and the buyer of the house. She discovered this while living in a one room homosexual hotel for the past 3 years With piles of junk surrounding her.HARMEET, HARDEEP\\\\S DRUG ADDICT SISTER is currently an enemy of every person she has ever had contact with in West Hollywood and was diagnosed with schizophrenia by the city of West Hollywood. Harmeet \\\"Hardeep\\\\s sister\\\" continues to say the sell of her home was fraud IT WAS NOT everything was done legally and Harmeet is so out of it she does not realize it! Hardeep tries to hide her drugged sister from society to prevent the embarrassment that she will not commit her off the wall sister and get her HELP! NEXT TIME YOU TALK TO HARDEEP REMEMBER HER DRUG HEAD OF A SISTER HARMEET AHLUWALIA HARDEEP MELAMED\\\\S SISTER! DO NOT BUY PURSEN PRODUCTS YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE CHILD LABOR ABUSE THAT SHE INFLICTS Hardeep acts as if she is a wonderful mother of two but what about the children who make her products? ARE THEY WORTHLESS? WHAT IF IT WAS HER OWN CHILDREN WORKING 23 HOURS??? She does not want to claim her drugged out sister as Harmeet might embarrass her. Put her in a mental health center where she belongs! Hardeep, be the FAT sister that you are and claim that drugged out pack rat who lives in a one room homosexual hotel! GOOGLE “HARMEET AHLUWALIA WEST HOLLYWOOD” AND SEE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER!
Post by parsnip
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