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Fraud committed by Hendrik Honer
Respected sir/madam,
Hendrik Honer is a homeless man who has been living in the United States illegally for over a decade. Hendrik Honer has never paid taxes and has victimized dozens of individuals and businesses. Hendrik Honer has three civil judgements and has ruined many lives. He is good in borrowing money and never paying back. I have submitted a 500 page report to the Vermont Service Center of the United States Immigration Service for him submitting a U-visa petition for victims of crimes. Hendrik Honer has made the whole thing up and has victimized me and my family and almost bankrupted my business. Once I get a response to my report, I will post it on this website to let the public know as of when Hendrik Honer will get deported. Hendrik Honer does not own any business. He is living in hiding due to the fact he owes so many people money.\r\nMr.Hendrik Honer himself is the only criminal here and should be arrested and denied any legal access to the United States of America and deported back to his homeland Germany where in fact he potentially faces criminal charges due his family’s alleged illegal automotive activities which included bribing local government officials to name a few. The family dealership and private residence were raided by the German authorities and all of the family’s assets were seized, thus forcing Mr.Hendrik Honer to abandon his family and flee to the U.S.A. While the German government pursued the legal process, Mr. Honer’s father placed his company into his daughter’s name in order for her to take the fall and as a result, she (Hendrik Honer’s sister) was taken into custody while the authorities investigated all of the Honer family’s illegal activities. Mr. Honer didn’t even attend his own father’s funeral as he passed away of pancreatic cancer in 2008. Hendrik knew if he returned to bury his father, he would have two problems. One, he would possibly face criminal charges and arrest by German authorities if German authorities knew he was in German soil. Two, he would definitely not be permitted back into the United States since he has been an illegal, undocumented alien for over 10 years.\r\nHendrik Honer’s main goal was to be extremely wealthy and he is obsessed with his goal to the point that he will become rich at any expense, whether he gets to that goal legally or illegally. He came to the conclusion that in order to be wealthy, he could not do it in Germany due to his families checkered past and the economic structure but in the United States, where the opportunities were more abundant and the laws were more lax. He did not have any family or friends in the United States to sponsor him for residency so the only avenue he that was available to him was to get a student visa by enrolling at an undergraduate college or university in the United States. He decided to apply to Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida and got accepted. He then applied for a student visa to study at Northwood University and got the visa granted from the Immigration and Naturalization Service.\r\nWhile attending Northwood University, Hendrik Honer was always thinking ahead on ways in becoming a permanent residence. He studied ways of getting a sponsorship, whether it was through illegal marriage, or other avenues where the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service would grant people like him permanent legal residency status. One of the ways he found out that would be the easiest and most practical way in obtaining a green card was to get a business to sponsor him.\r\nMr. Honer started to look for anyone who was willing to sponsor him throughout Florida and through one of his suspected criminal associates Guido Baechler (More on Mr. Baechler later).\r\nI will stay in touch with this website. Hendrik Honer is a liar, thief, and troublemaker. Do not deal with this worm.
Post by tammy5599
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