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Farm Bureau's Unethical and Fraudulent Busin
Respected sir/madam,
My leg was shattered, I had multiple subdural hematomas that filled my brain with blood, the trauma to my brain caused permanent neurological damage with severe chronic migraines as well as complex partial absent seizrues for life in addition to multiple gran mal seizures, permanent cognitive damage and memory loss, the trauma to my leg caused blood clots and one of them broke free 3 days after the accident after I had 6 surgeries to save my leg and life, the clot traveled up and I had a Pulmonary Embolism which left me clinically dead for almost a minute. This caused permanent myochardial damage and I had a 2nd pulmonary embolism a few months later that Farm Bureau said I couldn\\\\t prove was related to the auto accident, lol. I nevr had ANY of these issues before being run over by a drunk driver while crossing the street to my office at 7am. I still have night terrors and panic attacks. These are just a few of my injuries that Tonia Luna, Doug Kane and Teresa Ingersoll at Farm Bureau have dismissed as being insufficient to justify payment of my claim. It just adds insult to injury. After spending 29 days in the Intensive Care Unit fighting for my life, my claims adjustor came to talk to me and my family. She seemed kind and honest at the time, but turned out to be anything but. She doesn\\\\t respond to emails, phone calls, letters...she sent me to 5 Independent medical examiners to try to deny benefits but they all agreed that my claim was legitimate. So, she and Farm Bureau just ignores and denies without justification. The final straw came when she insulted my parents, calling them stupid and accusing my entire family of being liars. We have done everything to mitigate Farm Bureau\\\\s responsibility for medical bills, my primary insurance pays for almost everything except for some small co-pays but that is still too much for Farm Bureau to accept. I would caution anyone to stay away from getting a policy with Farm Bureau. They did have a low premium and I thought they were a good company. Unfortunately, I did my research after the fact and almost every doctor I have consulted, every attorney I\\\\ve spoken with and policyholder has told me that Farm Bureau is the WORST insurance company when it comes to paying legitmate claims. Now I know why the premiums were low-they don\\\\t pay their policyholders legitimate claims. I warn anyone thinking of buying a Farm Bureau policy to stay away unless you like frustration and abuse.
Post by farmbureauabuse
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