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Incompatible/malfunctioning Salt generator ce
Respected sir/madam,
I purchased the generic replacement cell for Aqua Rite T-CELL-15 through online pool supply store, Pool Supply with mailing address 1426 E Spruce Street, Ontario, CA 91761. As I was installing it, I noticed that the connector that plugs into the Aquarite Control System had only five holes for 10 pins on the control board. The original T-cell had 10 holes for the 10 pins. I did not think that the lack of five pins could be an issue. Seems like that migh have been a problem with the Compupool cell. The cell only worked correctly for one day. On the second day, the control board was showing a higher salt level reading than the previous day. It started going up until it showed 3700 after three or four days. This happened without me adding any salt to the pool. So, I called Compupool and a technician walk me through the recalibration steps to fix the changing salt level readings. Like before, the cell behaved well one day. The salt level reading went back up to 3700 again. I knew the salt level was lower because I took the pool sample to our neighborhood pool store and checked it. I called Compupool one more time. It was a different tech this time but he told me the same things the first tech told me before. Not knowing what to do, I just let everything as it was. Eventually. whatever was causing the high salt level reading damaged the control board. With the original T-cell that woul not have happened because there was a mechanism that shuts down chlorine generation when salt level goes too high thus protecting the expensive electronics. The Compupool product not only did not work properly, but it also damaged my original Aqua Rite Control Board. I wanted to return the Compucell and get the real T-cell 15. There is a three year warrantee on the cell. When I called, I was told that warrantee only means they will send me another cell, not refund my money. The online pool store, Pool Supply Unlimited, washed their hands saying that it was Compupool who should honor the warranty. I am posting this complaint so that nobody will buy any expensive pool parts from online stores and try to replace original equipment with generic parts manufactured by companies like Compupool. It is better to by original parts from your neighborhood pool store even if it cost a little more. The warranties they promptly display on the websites do not mean much.
Post by Janard
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