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Respected sir/madam,
BEWARE OF BEAU MASON AND TRANSITIONS!!!I was treated at Transitions Ibogaine Treatment center in Rosarito Beach Mexico few weeks ago. I will never forget the horror! By the way the so-called director Beau Mason is a crooked conman and was never to be found at the center.\r\nI spoke with Beau Mason for weeks before I pulled the trigger and he assured me he was licensed and full prepared to handle anything. He spoke poorly about all the centers out there and claimed to be the best choice for Ibogaine.I had so many complaints and no one who really spoke English I can address my complaints to. Like the food, on the website they claim 100% organic and nothing was organic they shop at costco, they claim to have experienced ibogaine staff. What a joke. No medical personnel on site. One of the girls that was there with my almost died, because their lack of medical expertise and inability to speak English. She complained to have breathing problems and it seemed like they didn’t understand what she was saying. I spoke with her and tried to calm her and she looked at me and said“I just want to go home”I made a huge mistake and believed his lies. I was given 5 Xanax bars per day the whole week and was subdued to a vegetated state so I didn’t complain. I got home after 1 day and my withdrawals came back full blown, so I called Beau Mason to ask him for help, he quoted me $7500 to come back and then hung up on me when I said I don’t have anymore money.I have talked to dozens of people and Beau Mason has taken their money and they all had the same experience. I also witnessed a girl being touched by one of the staff when she was passed out on the couch on benzos I was so High on benzos I couldn\\\\t talk or tell him to stop. The weirdo is Isaac the house manager. He’s a little too nice touchy feely with the girls and a total prick to the guys. His 4 cousins works there and so does his wife.This needs to be heard and all who are thinking about treatment should research this prick before they give a penny to him.\r\nFunny when I was trying to post this, I recently saw all these amazing reviews about Beau Mason and Transitions Ibogaine treatment.I was puzzled, but after I read all the locations they are coming from I soon realized they are coming from India.So now,he is getting all these complaints, in-return he is hiring a bunch of Indians to post good remarks about his site. Don’t believe those made up BS lies. He is a crook and deserves to get what he deserves.I wish I didnt believe his snake oil salesman lies and should have noticed something was wrong when he was never to be found. He took my money and had a bunch of nobodies give Ibogaine.
Post by Pualll
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