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Lied and put my nephew in danger.
Respected sir/madam,
While shopping with my nine year old nephew in the Springdale Arkansas store my nephew got lost. I informed the greeter and she went and paged a thing called a code Adam, and gave a description of my nephew. This is very dangerous, as now all the child molesters in the store know that there is a nine year old boy lost in the store and what he looks like. When I complained to the store manager about this they informed me that my nephew was perfectly safe and that they lock all the doors and don\\\\t let anyone in or out of the store until the child is found and they won\\\\t give the child to anyone except the person who reported the child lost. They won\\\\t even give the child to the spouse. They told me that this was a company wide policy. I know that this is a lie since my husband works at home office. They are just using an excuse to get out of trouble of putting my nephew in danger. I will be informing him of this illegal and dangerous practice and the lies that the greeter has told me. This \\\"policy\\\" just allows anyone, a child molester or a kidnapper to know a child is unattended and they can quickly kidnap the child. Also not giving the child to the spouse is just wrong, they are also the parent of the child. I will be telling my husband about this dangerous incident and have this greeter fired. If anything happened to my nephew due to this greeter\\\\s negligence I would sue and my husband would not have to work with you boneheads anymore. The worst off is my sister is blaming me for not watching my nephew properly when he took off in the first place, and when your greeter did not handle a lost child report well and put my nephew in danger.
Post by MrsLea
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