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abusive pathetic b*tch manager roberta
Respected sir/madam,
this is a complaint about a horrible b*tch manager that works at the dunkin donuts at the corner of goldenrod/forsyth in winter park florida. I go here someitmes and was a loyal customer-- I generally order a bagel with jelly...and usually they just give me the jelly. One time i went and this really ugly skinny rude b*tch named roberta, i found out later this wench is the manager, comes to tell me i NEED to tell them i want jelly beforehand because jelly costs extra---oh yeah ooo 30 cents extra? So I said ok...she said it rudely as if I was trying to scam DD/BR out of .30 cent jelly. The next time i went, when i got ot the window, i told the girl i wnated jelly...then, ugly nasty spic roberta decides to come up after the girl already rung me up and didnt include the jelly... roberta the psychopath likes to treat good nice customers as if they are trying to steal jelly and this psycho acts as if jelly is a big deal...\r\nafter i already paid...roberta the spic psycho came go ahead and CHARGE me an extra .30 for jelly...she came rudely again as if i did something wrong-- now the problem was that...there were like TEN cars in line waiting...and this psycho idiot roberta b*tch was taking FOREVER to ring up the jelly...she was doing it to be a b*tch hold all the cars hostage there...and try to make a POINT as if i was again doing something horrible by not ordering jelly at the intercom. She is crazy rude mean obnoxious...trash stupid person... I was in a huge rush to get to work and said can you please give me my credit card or hurry?? she then made it a point to insult me again saying i should have ordered jelly at the intercom...i told the dumb c*nt that i ordered it at the window...i mean really...all this over JELLY?? thirty cent jelly??? she is crazy and a sick person... she was still taking FOREVER and finally charged me...i personally wanted to spit in her ugly dare she make a line of TEN CARS wait...and me and other customers because she likes to abuse customers and treat them as if they are scamming DD/BR out of jelly...sick stupid b*tch. Now, everytime i go and the psycho roberta sicko is there...this low life makes it a POINT to take over my order...and CHARGE me extra for the jelly...nazi if once again im trying to scam the place out of jelly---she is rude, talking about me...etc...i hope someone punches this b*tch out...for me it\\s very traumatic having to deal with this psychopath ROBERTA because she is condescending obnoxious...and treats customers as if they are doing something wrong...she is an awful sick person... last time i went a girl took my order and again ugly skinny spic trash ROBERTA comes to take over the order and ask me \"DO YOU WANT JELLY\"...and add it on AGAIN not that she can\\t ask the girl to add it on this pathetic pitiful low life has to come HERSELF and torment people with her hideous abusive presence...treat them terribly...for me again it\\s traumatic having to deal with her negativity and abuse...all over\\s sad and pathetic... dealign with this psycho means dealing with her abusive rude condescending attitude behavior, talking about you behind your back to co workers...making a HUGE deal as if you are trying to scam DD/BR out of jelly... this is a horrible sick person... roberta is a female and finds it fun to bully abuse and treat FEMALE customers as if they are scamming DD/BR out of jelly...sick pathetic disturbed person... i hope someone spits on this low class hispanic piece of crap person should have to take that kind of treatment from a stupid drive thru restaurant...
Post by pamela277
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