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Harassing Heroes, Posting Lies, Defamation, &
Respected sir/madam,
“Steve Trustrum”, is such a racist liar, that isn’t even his real name, it’s Steve Crawford (also uses alias “Peter Amthor”! That sick bastard is a fraud who; like cyberbully- Tracey McManus, both work for The Augusta Chronicle. They have a bad reputation for racial discrimination, attacking civil rights heroes & slandering heroes by printing lies in their news articles, then harassing them online, as they have done on other Boards: & Topix!!! Crawford & McManus are mad because many black community activists have expose & sued them for defamation, and for being the racist lunatics that they are. The Staff writers at The Augusta Chronicle are professional liars, who get paid to slander, harass, and spread lies on anyone who has the guts to stand up against corruption in the lousy city of Augusta, Georgia!!!

Ms Tracey McManus herself has been creating fake accounts all over the internet, and impersonating various members of the Augusta Chronicle and making up other names in order to attempt to discredit honorable church leader & modern civil rights crusader -Bishop Dr. Franklyn Beckles, Jr.
It seems that anyone who doesn\t drink the McManus/Augusta Chronicle kool-aid and believe everything she says is gospel, becomes labeled a liar and we are all apparently the same person, she is so delusional that she thinks everyone who complains or exposes her is "Dr. Beckles". McManus, continues to use fake identities & answering questions on yahoo answers & attacking people on "" (As identified by reporter and witness: Susan McCord: This "Jellie", “WestCoastLover”, “Don Tarr”, “Bellamie”, “scamcop”, “NoThinkIQ”, & "Ginnie S." are more of Ms McManus\ aliases. This is a fact! Tracey McManus is a lousy newspaper reporter & a racist lunatic.. Some research shows these are names of commenters on & who have questioned Ms. McManus veracity.

It seems that the Augusta Chronicle printed an article that lied about Dr. Frank Beckles, in a attempt to slander the local civil rights hero & community leader, since then she has been using the internet to try and further discredit the Man, the Augusta Chronicle and The Richmond County Board of Education employees & corrupt Superintendent Frank Roberson have a history of attacking, harassing, & slandering anyone who dares speak against them! They\ve done it before to others like: Monique Braswell, Fire Chief Ronnie Few, James Brown, Firefighter Sloan Griffin, Dr. Charles Walker, Attorney Travers W. Paine, Ieshia McClendon, Norasteen Brown, Barbara Pulliam, Barbara Gordon, and many many more!!
. Many eye witnesses & Community Leaders like: Rico B. Jackson, Monique Braswell & Ieshia McClendon simply found that Tracey McManus was not truthful in her statements that she falsified in her June article, and have been posting more lies online with phony names, and they called her on it. McManus, The R.C.B.O.E., and The Augusta Chronicle has been harassing & slandering Dr. Beckles & his many supporters because they happen to be of African American decent, they helped the African-American community in Augusta, expose these evil people for the racist con-artists that they are! The paper was NOT doing its job, and has a history for slandering black heroes & protecting dishonest/racist criminals in The South (Aiken-Augusta). Even the people on the other side of the story had admitted they are liars (esp. Susan McCord), and were guilty of the motives to slander and lie about the new local Augusta hero: Dr Beckles. Many witnesses (including Norasteen Brown & other news reporters), have all publically published or stated that Church Bishop Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr.\s credibility and career background was all valid. There are multiple accounts and complaint letters attacking Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles on complaintsboard and while all are written in the exact same style, they have different "authors" aka Tracey McManus, employees/superintendent at The Board of Education & Augusta Chronicle- have all been creating various aliases. The letters supposedly written by Dr. Beckles or his supporters are also in the same style as those that were attacking him with more lies & even racial slurs. Just google those names and complaintsboard to get a better overview.

"Terroism against all who disagree" McManus has recently been deleting some of her racial slurs, but not before Dr. Beckles\s Attorney; Travers W. Paine documented them, and the phone treats made by her. So he can use in the upcoming class action lawsuit against her & The Chronicle!!

She also has police reports filed against her (for more proof)!! Want more proof: just check out more complaints from others; as well as employees on what kind of incompetent and lousy Newspaper Company- THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE REALLY IS!

SOURCES: Investigative Reporter Karen Edwards
The reductions will affect hourly and salaried employees. ... including The Augusta Chronicle, ... working for any company that mistreats it\s own the way the Augusta, and slanders honest church pastors & modern civil rights heroes ...
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